Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beach Weddings

There are few places on this planet as a source of inspiration for our beaches. The endless ebb and flow of water, shellfish tucked into the sand, sunlight dancing on water, and the horizon that seems to last forever - it is absolutely intoxicating and romantic. Many couples decide that a beach wedding is the prefect way to start their married life.

If you set your heart to marry on the beach you'll need to plan carefully to make your day as perfect as you imagine. First, you must select a beach for wedding perfect location. There are many stunning beaches in the world where it is possible and legal to get married. Stretching in the world of classical locations in Florida, Hawaii, California and the Caribbean by far the deserted beaches in Australia and tropical paradise in Fiji or the Cook Islands. Many destinations around the world offer at the top or cliff overlooking the ocean marriages - where you can marry outside overlooking the beach, but with facilities and comfort of a private villa or hotel. Santorini in Greece and the Amalfi coast in Italy are a couple of excellent examples of this type of beach-style weddings.

Things to consider are heat - the largest number of beach destinations marriage can become very hot - especially in mid day. On many beaches that face west May it be convenient to have your marriage just before sunset - which will reduce the heat factor and also make a spectacular backdrop for the romantic ceremony and wedding photos.

Many couples decide to go to paradise beach resorts that offer weddings and ceremonies while combining their honeymoon. Often, these stations will have a beautiful region kiosk or set aside for weddings near the beach. Often, married in a city near the beach reduced some problems that may arise with a ceremony on the sand. Often, hotels will have private beaches to marry on so you can get privacy. Furthermore, they will have facilities - like the shade, drinks, etc. which will make the ceremony will be good for everyone. These stations can provide reception on a beautiful terrace - photos of marriage, but can still be taken onto the beach. Many stations also offer ceremonies taking place on the beach and reception facilities.

For a ceremony on the beach you can make beautiful decorations to make the day truly special. It is wise to use a local expert Wedding Planner to help it and the legal - in many places, there are some really talented wedding planners who can create beautiful beach wedding decorations - but it is often possible to organize everything yourself. Planning to wear what is important - light fabrics are essential - for both bride and groom and guests. Flat shoes - not always popular with customers - is also essential. Do not forget to have plenty of fluids to keep everyone updated.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jewish wedding

A Jewish wedding is one of the cornerstones of the Jewish life cycle and as with all religions, is a great cause for celebration. Although there are many laws and traditions associated with the wedding itself, other rituals take place in the weeks leading up to the big day.

The wedding itself can be held on any day of the week apart from during the Jewish Sabbath, which runs from sunset on Friday until sunset on Saturday, or on major Jewish festivals such as the Day of Atonement or Jewish New Year (when Jews are required to refrain from work). In the UK, Sunday is the most popular day for Jewish weddings to be held - in countries such as the US it is also common for weddings to be held on Saturday night after the Sabbath (this is more popular in the winter when Sabbath ends early). Ultra-Orthodox couples often hold ceremonies on weekdays.

Significance of the number seven

Number seven important in the Jewish wedding - seven glasses of wine and drank during the rituals and celebrations afterwards. This is because God created the world in seven days and in that, the bride is figuratively building the walls, several new home.

During the service, the bride and groom to drink the first of seven glasses of wine, and a few prayers were said for a couple of binding together. One of the most important parts is giving the ring. The ring must belong to itself, the groom - must not be borrowed - and must be a complete circle without pause, to emphasize hope for harmonious marriage, and must be plain without stones or decoration. This is not a condition for the groom wears a wedding ring, but many people do. As with other religions, the ring is the best man held until it is time to groom that the bride is ga. When the groom give the bride the ring he recites the following verse:

Here you are consecrated to me with this ring according to the laws of Moses and Israel.

During the ceremony, the officiator of the service, usually Master, will make speech about the couple and bless them as they begin their new life together. This service also includes prayer, is usually sung Cantor, sadness about Jewish people and the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem. As the engagement ceremony, Jews, remember that even on their luck to the marriage, they still Remember this, and the fact that other sad events have occurred in Jewish history, and to pay respect to those who have suffered.

The ceremony ends

The ceremony ends with the breaking of glass by the groom, who is also connected to the memory of the destruction of the Temples. Many people joke that the breaking of glass also symbolizes recently married a new man will always be able to put his foot down! When the broken glass, congregants will convey their congratulations to the couple.

After that, it is traditional for the newlyweds to spend some time alone, together in a special room before greeting his guests. As with all communities and religions, such as Jews to film their wedding and take photos, and often it was done between the ceremony and wedding party. Sometimes, especially in the case of evening weddings, official photographs will be taken before the ceremony to make the best use of time available.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bachelor Party Do's & Don'ts

Whether you're the bride, the planning of a party or a guest, it is good to know the "rules" of fun, friendship-filled pre-Wedding Fete is known as bachelor party. If you need to know some basics of bachelor party, start here.

Do's Make sure that everyone is invited to the bachelor bash is invited to the wedding. But do not worry about the invitation of all women on your wedding guest list to your girls night.

Make sure that your fiance's female relatives are invited, even if you are sure that they will not participate. If you do not want them to feel obliged to attend, you or your fiance can tactfully let them know that the decline does not hurt your feelings.

Are you looking for group rates - for food, entertainment, wellness tips and so on. Many companies offer such discounts.

Find out who is doing the planning and how you can help. This is true whether you're the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest. Typically, the maid of honor plans the bachelor party, but it's appropriate for the bridesmaids to help out, and for the bride to help with the guest list, if asked.

Now Don't

Don't organize this party too close to the date of marriage, unless a relative, a close friend of the bride who lives 3000 miles away should simply be there - and it can not fly until just before marriage. If so, a plan for two days before the big day, not before nightfall. Even better, if possible, a plan for a week or two before marriage, if there is the slightest chance of injury (a ski trip, whitewater rafting), leave several weeks.

Don't plan anything that will embarrass the bride so much she'll be upset or angry. A stripper is fine if you're sure the bride will laugh and enjoy the act. Forcing her to take the stage with a bunch of Chippendale dancers just because she's had one (or two or three) too many champagne cocktails may be seen as cruel when she recovers from her hangover. So we hope you will have a wonderful bachelor party.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting married is going to be one of the most important times in your life and like all brides you want to look and feel special for your wedding day.

The proposal has taken place, the date of the wedding has been set and the search for the dream dress has only just begun.

What style and what colour to choose is daunting enough and as exciting as it all is the hardest hurdle is going to be the price of that dress you have often pictured yourself in walking down the aisle while the man of our dreams is waiting for you.

With dresses that cost almost if not more than the honeymoon or could quite easily cover the cost of the reception choosing your dress wisely could be one of the hardest albeit the most exciting thing you will do for a long time.

You may have considered going down the second hand route where it is possible to purchase designer dresses that have been worn only once in a fashion show or somebody has sold it back to the shop to be re-bought!

Wedding Dress from Charity Shops

Secondhand wedding dress shops are popping up in most towns within the UK and are being very popular with the budge wise bride to be.

Secondhand, or used, wedding dresses are easy to find from charity shops, online auctions, dress agencies and online bridal stores.

Shops are now available that sell used designer dresses. These could have been used in a fashion show or as display models and are then considered second hand.

On looking for a second hand wedding dress take extra time to look it over for stains and snags. Remember this dress will have been worn and those with long trains and full skirts will have been dragged along the floor by the previous bride.

Check that if needed, it can be dry cleaned or if a stain is too bad you could disguise the markings with beads and/or crystals.

If the second hand dress you intend to buy says one size, you need to take into consideration that it may well have been altered before and will therefore not be a true size that is stated on any tags.

If you are intending to buy a dress before you have had a chance to try it on, don’t be scared to ask the buyer as many questions as you feel is important because once you have purchased the dress ‘as seen’, chances are it will be unlikely you will see a return of your money if the dress is no good for you.

Bargains are there to be found and even if you do buy and wear a second hand dress for your wedding, it will still be one of the happiest days of you life whether you are wearing a dress that cost you £100 or £10,000!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chinese weddings

Chinese have been around for long periods and well, we live in separate regions. Therefore, each region has its own food, dialect, and naturally, its own wedding customs. In this small site, I would like to share with you some Chinese customs, which could have some local flavor.


This is the elaborate process on the groom's parents' part to provide the right kind of bride for their family. Families are great for a bride can take care of household finances and most importantly, give birth to sons inherit the wealth of the family. families are poor for a bride, can work hard in the fields, and birth to sons to help on the farm.

In the old days, marriages are arranged so that it is quite normal for parents to dominate the bride-seeking. Girls from wealthy families will be provided by other rich and poor families is likely to marry girls in poor families. Hence the Chinese proverb: Bamboo door to door bamboo as a wooden door is the wooden door.

Picking up the Bride

On the day of the wedding, the groom will send a carriage over to the bride's family to bring the bride home. The carriage is decorated in red and is carried by four servants. Musicians will accompany the procession and they will play wedding music all the way. A lot of gifts are also brought to the bride's family at the same time.

At the bride's home, the bride will put on her bright red wedding gown and the bride's parents will give her jewelry to wear.

Bride Leaving Home

As the groom's procession arrives, the groom's spokeswoman will enter the bride's house and will carry the bride on her back. The bride cannot touch the ground with her feet until she arrives at the groom's house. In some regions, the bride's relatives will throw rice into the air, hoping that the chickens around will eat the rice instead of pecking at the bride. Sometimes, a red umbrella is used to shield the bride as the opening of the umbrella will symbolize her bringing many descendants to the groom's family. As the bride leaves the house, her parents and her relatives will bid her farewell as she rides the carriage and leaves home. Wealthy brides often have servant girls who will follow her to the groom's family and continue to serve her. These maids are known as ones who 'accompany the marriage'.

Bride Arriving at the Groom's Home

After the bride arrive at the groom's house, the couple will again worship the ancestors and worship the heavens and earth. Then they will serve tea to the groom's family according the their seniority and the relatives will give them red packets or bridal jewelry in return.

The Wedding Banquet

To celebrate the marriage, the groom's family will throw a wedding feast as large as they can afford. In the old days, some villagers may use up to seven continuous days to entertain the relatives during a wedding. Every night, delicious food is being served to all the guests.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Accessories for the Groom- The Wedding Belt

It is believed that belts were first worn by both men and women as far back as the Bronze Age.

However its usage never really flourished as a fashion accessory until the Middle Ages where women held their dresses with belts tied around their waists.

The Grooms belt may seem a rather insignificant accessory for his wedding attire, but choose the wrong one and it could seriously compromise an otherwise fantastic outfit.

The belt still had some way to go before it was given a place in the fashion wardrobes, although it has always remained an important feature in the uniform of the military. During the time of the First World War it was common place to see officers wearing thick wide belts worn tightly around the waist on the outside of the uniform, with the aim being to emphasize the broadness of the shoulders.

By the 1920's the belt took its rightful place in the fashion wardrobe, due to the introduction of the belt loop to civilian mens trousers.

How to Wear your Wedding Belt with Style

  • Where a belt which matches your shoes.
  • Make sure you invest in a good quality leather belt.
  • Make sure you wear the correct size belt for your waist.
  • Choose a plain black belt that is approximately an inch and a quarter thick with discreet stitching and without any special motif. The aim here is the belt is there as an accessory not to dominate your wedding outfit.
  • If you are going to where jewellery such as a dress watch, try and coordinate the colour of the watch strap with your belt buckle ie. A silver watch strap works well with a plain classic silver belt buckle. Try and steer clear of gold belt buckles unless you want to create an impression of 'bling'.

  • Caring for your Belt

    • On purchasing your leather belt spray it with a water and stain repellent.
    • Store your belt in a wardrobe by allowing it to hang from its buckle, either on a belt or tie rack.
    • Never fold your belt or leave it hanging in your trousers as this will cause the leather to crack and deform the belt.
    • Avoid hanging your belt in direct sunlight as this will cause the belt to fade.
    • Store the belt in a ventilated room as too much moisture and heat can cause the deterioration of the belt.