Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some Quick Tips

Congratulations! You're getting married, your mind is racing and you're filled with emotions. It suddenly dawns on you – you have to actually plan a wedding! With such an overwhelming task, you often don't know where to begin. Well look no further, We are here to help you!

Your wedding is almost certainly the first large-scale formal or semi-formal event you've ever planned. A wedding involves a large sum of money, clothing, favors, catering, arranging spaces, hiring professionals, and many other things that seem very scary and far too complex to handle.

Are you nervous and unsure about how to put your perfect wedding together? Maybe you think you don't have the money to pull off that gorgeous wedding, or you're overwhelmed by the details.

If you need a guide to planning your dream wedding that gives you step-by-step instructions as well as moneysaving tips, then The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit is the ideal wedding planning solution for you.

Everyone plans to marry once and only once. The wedding ceremony has to be perfect. It must be a fairytale, but with some of the aspects of a glittery Hollywood celebration. Your perfect wedding needs to be open and welcoming to all the family, even the very young and very old, even the ones that have annoyed you forever. A wedding, in short, is a bundle of stress.

But The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit can ease your fears and stress. Its authoritative and comprehensive step-by-step approach helps you plan with hundreds of original ideas, special touches that make your wedding perfect, and practical advice for the big day. The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit has been updated for today's brides, with even more ways to add fun and entertainment so that your wedding day is truly memorable.

Here are five quick tips if you’re thinking about an outdoor ceremony that can save you money all around.

  • Choose an open public forum that doesn't generally have a great deal of people trying to access it, and remember to get the right permits beforehand. The less demand there is for a space, the cheaper it’s likely to be (and easier to obtain).

  • Opting for an ordained minister rather than a priest is often cheaper. Just be sure to check that whoever you choose can legally perform wedding ceremonies in your area.

  • You can forego the chairs and have the guests standing as long as you host a short ceremony. A nice white or themed linen on the ground for guests to stand on is an elegant touch.

  • When going with outdoor ceremony, people often opt for a portable arch because it is easy to transport and just as elegant as more permanent structures.

  • Outdoor ceremonies open the door to many themes that can greatly reduce the cost of your wedding and reception. For example, Hawaiian themes and beach themes can help you save money on formal wear and decorations because people having an outdoor wedding are often casually or “island dressed.” It makes the ceremony more comfortable for the guests as well, because they’re also able to dress casually.

  • And here’s another plus: outdoor ceremonies can immediately switch from ceremony to reception without changing venues, which saves some extra money on travel fees such as limos, and eliminates the need to rent two venues. For example, the Hawaiian theme mentioned above would be a great way to have a luau or pig-roast reception. You might also want to consider a theme that lets you have a picnic for your reception party, or a beach party or bonfire – all of which are acceptable alternatives for the couple on a budget.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wedding Supplies and Decoration Themes

Your chosen venue may or may not have tables and chairs for the dinner. If they don’t, as said above, this will be up to you. You options include a few long tables with vases of flowers neatly placed along the rows, or many small tables with a vase of flowers and decorations at the center of each.

Personalization is the trend in modern weddings. While some couples may feel that a sophisticated, traditional wedding reception is right for them, others may opt to decorate a little more casually.

Traditional reception decoration includes flowers, lit candles, white table cloths, and a 3-tier white cake. The formal dinner will have name cards and place cards for guests, instructing them where to sit. Traditional candles, flowers, and archways will adorn the traditional reception.

A less formal reception allows for some creativity. Helium balloons, unusual candles, and even ice sculptures can represent the true personality of the newly wed couple. A creative cake will also help lighten the mood. Nobody says the cake needs to be a 3-tier white cake. Do you like the ocean? Have your caterer design a cake that represents a pool of water with dolphins and starfish circling the rim. The choices are endless.

The important point is to get the wedding site to match your personality. Whether you were raised on a farm or in urban New York, make the decoration scream “This is who I am!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

winter wedding

If you are planning a winter wedding, then why not consider a wedding theme of Christmas.

By choosing to have a wedding theme Christmas iI make the whole planning process much easier than you already have a color scheme seasonal work with him.

People typically associate red and green Christmas, but you do not need to limit your palette decorative for only these two colors, burgundy, silver, gold, maroon and light blue can work just as well to capture the essence of 'winter.

In each of the sections below gives you some good ideas on how to adapt your marriage to a wedding theme of Christmas.

Winter Groom

Wear a jacket festive, if you prefer something a little 'more subtle then wear a jacket of seasonal color.
Use mistletoe or holly berries with ivy for your flower
Wear a smoking or dinner suit with red or green jacket or cumberland

Winter Bride

Consider the use of a long white coat that could have imitations of fur around the edges.
Use a long cloak or coat in rich brocade or velvet colors of the season.
Wear gloves to be false skin off the cold.
If you are trying to create an ice queen look then consider using diamonds or pearls, if you want to create more heat then wear rubies emerald to complement the rest of her wedding dress.
Sparkly have a headband to capture the spirit of Christmas or have touched a simple fact ivy and holly berries.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

more on summer wedding

When I was thinking I got some more things which need to be considered while going for a summer wedding

Venue & its Decoration
Decorating your venue can be one of the biggest selection for your summer wedding. It could for the fresh crisp white look with pastel colours, cream colored daisies, lemons and limes colors and the old favorite, roses!

It is amazing how a selection of balloons, ribbons, garlands and bows can change the look of a room. These can be on the walls and tables, arches and windows.

Color or plain white light can be used if the city is to be held outdoors, the extra gloss to your evening reception. Trees can be decorated with hanging ribbons and garlands.

Table decorations can be anything that you want. Clear glass bowl filled with fresh lemons and limes, Victoria roses to daisies or pebbles in silver buckets.

Candles, which can be lit for evening reception with colourful balloons or roses scattered around the table.

Bouquets of marriage during the summer can be a little hard to choose because there is so much choice. Fuchsia, eyelets, peonies, orchids, Gardenia and Larkspur are just a handful of supply, with sunflowers, roses, dahlias and Hydrangea.

Outside places can be set in the garden of fragrant Jasmine, and Heather Hollyhocks.

White Lilly of the valley, roses, daisies "Orchids and can be used in a striking contrast with the bright colors like hot pink, turquoise, lemons and limes to keep things fresh and exciting.

Roses are the flowers of traditional marriage and they are always the most popular. With the wide selection of sizes and colours, they are used for bouquets, weaved through his hair, put on the table and place wreaths made decorations.

Imagine how can turn your photos with you sitting in a field of Bluebells, cornflowers and daisies or roses and bushes Hyacinths around you and your guests


Wedding Breakfast can be seen as something in watermelons, grapes and strawberries with freshly baked bread and creamy butter, cheese and honey glazed ham.

Afternoon or evening reception can be too hot for a hot meal, so you can opt for the summer buffet with hams, turkeys, salmon, crunchy salads and fresh fruit with jacket potatoes, or for outdoor receptions thing better than the summer barbecue!

Desserts that can compliment your marriage can be summered theme along the lines of ice cream sundaes, banana splits and meringues filled with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Have a slice of strawberry or fruit that compliments your colors on your toast glasses. Have fruit in bowls around your site so that customers can nibble away as it takes their fancy.

Release balloons with your name and an email address to see how far one travels. You could offer the lucky finder a slice of your wedding cake or one of his favors.

At end how to save of course money is always important

Weekends are always more expensive to get married. If you can work, that the people you really want in your wedding party can withdraw additional day a week, and try to move towards the middle of the week, on Friday or Sunday. This will allow you to save a significant amount of money on the spot, photographer, group / DJ, hotels and car rental.

If you are on tight budget to help reduce the cost of food bill down. Invite only those that you really want to spend your special day with you. Do not have children unless they are close relatives and choose your wording to propose to show that no "extra" guests can accompany them.

Rather than the additional cost for dessert, why not use your wedding cake for this! Most of the guests or forget to take it home, or it could get left on the table would be shoved into her handbag at the end of the night. Or, if you really want dessert, there is a light one such as ice cream with a choice of fresh fruit or meringue on top of strawberries and cream in summer.

If possible, try and marry at the end of the day. This can save one day and one evening reception, plus the cost of additional refreshment.

Take advantage of the warm summer evenings and illuminated cup light kick serve alcohol instead of expensive bottles of wine for his toast.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Summer wedding - how to select things

Are you thinking of having a theme for the wedding? Need some help or inspiration, in the selection of a theme for the wedding, or maybe you have chosen a theme, but you need some ideas to help you turn your wedding into a magical day.

I have Ideas for it If you like please tell me It helps me to think in right direction & write accordingly. So here are some for you.

Summer is here so lets first talk about summer wedding themes

Roses, butterflies and sunshine from June to September is sufficiently complete in the summer months, you certainly need help towards the wedding plans.

All of this is outside the marriage season, summer has been the most commonly known one of the best ways I can select from picking a place to eat outdoors.

The pink color is pink in the summer of cornflower blue, white turkey, corn, green grass yellow, pink and Rose, as well as the Reds. Many of the combinations are infinite choice.


Grooms as we all know tend to be a bit nervous while waiting for his bride to turn up. What better reason to use a light colored suit made of a breathable fabric of cream, pale gray or champagne.

If you are going to non-formal wedding, the groom can use only his shirt, cravat and a waistcoat. There are some stunning waistcoats which are, unfortunately, hidden under a fact. In keeping with the theme of the summer waistcoat pattern could be of flowers, butterflies and bees.


The bride as usual has a vast choice of straps and sleeveless dress at any time during the year, summer is the one time you can not have to worry about cold fur and use it to cover your arms wrap . Light silk, chiffon, georgette and organdie is wonderful, and the light breeze.

Elegant lace will not only complete the dress but race tied handbag compliment to the dress, you should not only maintain, and in the shade when used as a prop in a photo shoot.

If you are holding your wedding on the lawn outside, and you walk barefoot in the ankle and tie a ribbon around the toenail painted the same color as the bridesmaids dresses and bouquets.


Getting married in the summer months with fresh green grass, fully leafed trees and an abundance of brightly coloured flowers gave the background of your photos lovely scenery.

One hot summer day would make a lake or stream brighter color, and with luck, we could have some dramatic skies as the backdrop.

Plan how you like your album look. It could be along the lines of a history book with the comments that is a mixture of funny and wonderful moments tear jerking.

Wedding cakes today are truly works of art that seem sinful slice through them. Strawberries, roses and ribbons can make a white cake glazed look fresh and romantic, as well as cupcakes with butterflies, bees and the flowers were standing on tall pillars look fresh and inviting.

Chocolate cakes decorated with their mouths watering mini flakes and cherries or pieces of fresh fruit such as strawberries, or similar raspberries be dynamic and mouth watering.

Shells and coral could complement your wedding cake beach and add that touch of individuality, you can put tiny sugar or marzipan sandals and beach towel around the base.