Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wedding Supplies and Decoration Themes

Your chosen venue may or may not have tables and chairs for the dinner. If they don’t, as said above, this will be up to you. You options include a few long tables with vases of flowers neatly placed along the rows, or many small tables with a vase of flowers and decorations at the center of each.

Personalization is the trend in modern weddings. While some couples may feel that a sophisticated, traditional wedding reception is right for them, others may opt to decorate a little more casually.

Traditional reception decoration includes flowers, lit candles, white table cloths, and a 3-tier white cake. The formal dinner will have name cards and place cards for guests, instructing them where to sit. Traditional candles, flowers, and archways will adorn the traditional reception.

A less formal reception allows for some creativity. Helium balloons, unusual candles, and even ice sculptures can represent the true personality of the newly wed couple. A creative cake will also help lighten the mood. Nobody says the cake needs to be a 3-tier white cake. Do you like the ocean? Have your caterer design a cake that represents a pool of water with dolphins and starfish circling the rim. The choices are endless.

The important point is to get the wedding site to match your personality. Whether you were raised on a farm or in urban New York, make the decoration scream “This is who I am!

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