Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Make Simple Wedding Cakes at Home

Weddings are very expensive and involve plenty of tasks to be completed. Selecting the wedding cake is one among these important tasks on your wedding ceremony. There are some simple instructions to be followed that would help you to select simple wedding cakes and bring out some ideas to decorate them.

Wedding cakes are available in different styles and colors. You can either select the cake and order it in advance or bake it on your own. Baking your own cake is not a very difficult task.

You can bake a simple cake for your wedding at home. There are some important aspects which are to be decided for baking a wedding cake. This includes selecting the flavor and the color for your wedding cake. The color for the cake should be based on the theme that you have selected for your wedding.

Once all these aspects are finalized, you have to find out some simple recipes for your cake. You should try out baking the cakes in very small quantities at your home before baking it for the special occasion. You can easily get these recipes from various cook books and websites.These sites would offer you some interesting ideas for baking, icing, and decorating the cake . Here we provide you some simple instructions to bake your wedding cake. These are mentioned below:

  • Select the recipe, design, and flavor for the cake. The next important aspect is to decide the shape and color for the wedding cake. You could also go in for single layered cakes or multi- layered ones depending upon your preferences.
  • Once you have finalized the design for your wedding cake, you have to make all the ingredients and tools ready to bake the cake. Some important aspects required include wooden dowels, colors, filling for the cakes, and frosting decorations for the cake.
  • Practice decorating and icing of the cakes. You can try out some unique ideas and utilize various things such as flowers, fruits to decorate your cake.

It is extremely easy to prepare simple wedding cakes at home. You can use your own ideas and bake a cake that would grab the attention of all the wedding guests at one glance.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Driving through Green Bay the other day, I noticed the first leaves starting to change color in a sign that fall is on its way.  The changing leaves display such a beautiful assortment of colors, it's hard to not be inspired by their beauty. 
Since I'm feeling inspired, I decided to share some fall inspiration to all those considering a fall wedding.  And I must say, Green Bay is beautiful place to have a fall wedding!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Decor Idea: Ceiling Draping!

Looking for a way to add major drama to your wedding decor?  Consider draping the ceiling of your space with fabric.  Choose white fabric for a dreamy look, or choose colors that compliment and/or match your colors to add a punch of drama!

This idea is more costly, but for those who have the budget, the drama added to your space is well worth the cost!  For those who love the look of ceiling draping but have tighter budgets, consider the draped ceiling while minimizing other decor.  If you drape the ceiling with color, maybe you don't need colored table clothes or overlays and can settle for the white ones many venues provide.  Simply use drape the ceiling and use centerpieces as your main sources of color.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding Trend: WHITE Bridesmaid Dresses!

"GASP!"  White Bridesmaid Dresses?!
That's right, a new trend emerging is to have the bridesmaids wear white.

Many brides cringe at the thought of ANYONE else at their wedding wearing white, so for some, white bridesmaid dresses is not even a remote possibility. 

A bridal party in all white dresses does make for some amazing photo opportunities!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wedding Trend: Bridesmaid Clutches intead of Bouquets?!

I LOVE this idea!  Instead of having your girls carry flowers, and having to stuff their essentials in their bras (hey, it really happens!), consider a clutch with flowers pinned to it!

Choose a clutch that compliments your wedding colors, then choose flowers to pin onto each clutch.  Your girls will love that they can keep their essentials with them and still look fab! 

For the flowers, you decide what kind of flowers to use.  You can even choose real OR artificial flowers.  If you find artificial flowers you love, they will last all night...and beyond....without wilting.  PLUS...this can serve as your gift to your bridesmaids too!!!!

So come on, are  you loving this trend too now?!

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