Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creative Wedding Shower Cakes

Wedding Shower Cakes

Wedding shower cakes are very special as they are special for the bride, the most important person of a wedding. It’s her most special day, so it is only obvious that you choose a wedding shower cakes that is loved by her. If you are the bride and you want to make a spectacular cake for your wedding shower, just keep in mind some of the things like season and theme of your wedding.

You can try out different ideas to make your cake memorable and creative. You would definitely like it when some of your guests would appreciate your creativity and efforts to show your love for your partner. If you are planning for a winter wedding, then plan your shower cake accordingly. You can try out new things on your winter wedding cakes to make them suitable for your shower party.

Make Your Wedding Shower Special

You can opt for simple square wedding cakes and can transform them into superb wedding shower cakes for your winter wedding. One excellent idea would be to make your square cake to be a dinner table with all the typical arrangement of dinner plates and side plates. For this, you would just have to prepare a rectangle shaped fondant large enough to cover the entire cake and you should be able to drape it over the cake like a table cloth.

Use fondant of the exact color as the napkins to be used by the bride for her reception, cut it into small squares and fold them like napkins. In the same way, cut small rounds of fondant of white fondant for dinner and side plates. You can also make glasses out of fondant but this would need expertise, so it would be better if you can just use real small glasses. This would be a real showstopper adding oomph to your wedding shower. You can wow your guests with the fully edible wedding shower cake.

You can also include some girlish ideas like bridal dress cakes, for this you can buy the body from a nearby store and wrap it with fondant of the color of your actual wedding gown. This would add a personal touch to it and you can try to add embellishments or carvings as per the original dress.

You can also use toppers in a very creative way to make your winter wedding cake beautiful. You can choose a beautiful bride in her wedding gown waiting among snowflakes for her groom to come. Such a topper on your cake would not need anything more special. It is important for you to choose and incorporate only those ideas which would suit your budget the best.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ideas on Hawaiian Wedding Cakes

The first thing that comes to our mind, when we think about the Hawaiian wedding is the scenic beauty of the beach. Hence, majority of the couples go in for the beach wedding theme. The wedding cake is also an unavoidable attribute of a wedding ceremony.

The cake should be relevant to the theme and fulfill all your expectations from a beautiful wedding cake. The cake in the shape and appearance of the sand castle are an important aspect for the wedding.

There are some amazing ideas such as decorating the cake with plenty of nuts, flowers or seasonal fruits. It is very simple to prepare the wedding cake using the recipe. You have to make arrangement of all the required ingredients and follow the recipe. These recipes can be easily sought from various online sites or books.

Some fascinating ideas which can be used for your Hawaiian wedding cakes are listed here. You can go in for a wedding cake that properly exhibit your personality and suit your themes. The most popular colors which would be suitable to this theme include blue, white or sea green.

You can take the inspiration of the nature around and develop a design for the cake. This may include a cake in the shape of two coconut trees about to embrace each other with a figurine of bride and groom beneath them. The attire of the figurine should be casual attire with colorful floral prints. You can bring about the cake resembling a beach scene with a topper of couple in a romantic pose.

Some of the popular Hawaiian wedding cake flavors include blue berry, chocolate, strawberries, vanilla or some unusual flavor such as guava. You can also go in for a yummy blend of coconut, cream and chocolate for your cake. You can go in for decorating the stand and try to bring about the ambience similar to a beach.

You can also decorate it with sea conches, star fish and seasonal flowers that would be available. An option would be to go in for castle wedding cake and decorate it with toppers. The ideas mentioned here will help you to bring about Hawaiian wedding cake idea and fulfill all your dreams.

You can also use this type of cake in your wedding party and make your wedding party unforgettable.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brides & Bridesmaids Extravaganza

Several bridal shows are available to help brides plan their weddings, but none are dedicated to making bridesmaids feeling involved.

Power Wedding Planning is presenting “Brides and Bridesmaids Extravaganza” at the Bemis Center of St. Norbert College in De Pere at 6:30pm on Wednesday, January 25, 2012.  The event is focused on providing ideas and services for everything a bride and her bridesmaids need to plan the perfect bachelorette party and bridal shower, as well as the latest bridesmaid fashions.

Power Wedding Planning will be providing brides and bridesmaids the chance to visit with vendors from various categories.  Guests will receive complimentary signature cocktails, created by the catering staff at St. Norbert.  A fashion show will be presented featuring the latest in bridesmaids attire, hair, and makeup.  After the fashion show, a raffle will be held for prizes, including a $30 Visa Gift Card.

Tickets for the “Brides & Bridesmaids Extravaganza” are $5 at the door, $4 for anyone who preregisters through the event page at

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gorgeous Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Cupcake wedding cakes are one of the most recent trends in weddings. Couples go in for cupcakes of their favorite flavor. You can go in for some amazing varieties and styles of cupcakes. They are available in different flavors and styles of wedding cakes.

Cupcakes are more feasible and affordable than a big multi tiers cake. You can order for the number of cupcakes depending upon the guests invited for the ceremony. This would avoid wastage of the cakes. You can get the desired number of cupcakes depending upon the requirements. The couple can choose two to three different flavors of cupcakes.

These cupcakes are available in the various flavors, shapes, and sizes. You can check out the available varieties of cupcakes and choose the one you like. You can get ideas from the pictures of cupcakes. You can get some designer cupcake baskets and cake stands for your cupcakes.

This will help you to bring out a unique variety of the cupcakes. You can get some beautiful designs of cupcakes baskets and stands to keep them. These stands are available in various styles. You can arrange for the cupcakes in various patterns and styles on these stands.

You can decorate the cake with the help of flowers or the accessories available. You can personalize your cupcakes using your own creative ideas. There are plenty of ideas such as cupcakes in the shape of the animals, birds, etc.

The arrangement of the cupcakes could be in various styles and designs. You can go in for the heart shaped accessories such as on the top of the each cupcake or embellish it with dry fruits. You can go in for cupcakes of similar flavor at alternate layers of the cupcake stand. You can also decorate it with colorful ribbons or toppers depending upon the design finalized.

The cupcakes selected should be relevant to the wedding theme. For instance: You can go in for cupcakes in white color in silver cupcake wrappers. These wrappers and stand are available in plenty of designs and colors. You can go in for the suitable ones that match with the decoration at the wedding ceremony.

You can go in for simple wedding cake at the top of the cake stand followed by layers of cupcakes beneath. The ideas mentioned here will surely help you to get some amazing varieties of cupcakes for your wedding.

86 Marriage Anniversary of Indian couple in UK

The longest-married living couple in the world have celebrated their 86th wedding anniversary.

Karam Chand was born in a small rural village in the Punjab in northern India in 1905.  His family worked in farming and, in keeping with the custom of the time, he married at a young age. His bride Kartari was born in the same district in 1912.

Karam Chand, 106, and his wife Kartari, 99, of Bradford, tied the knot in a Sikh ceremony on January 6, 1925 in India, when the country was under British rule.
Their marriage is believed to have lasted four years longer than that of the current record holders, and their family are checking with Guinness World Records to confirm the achievement.

They have eight children, 27 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren and put their long marriage down to getting along with each other and enjoying life.
Mr Chand, a retired mill worker who moved to the UK in 1965 and enjoys a daily cigarette and a regular tot of whisky, said: ‘Eat and drink what you want, but in moderation. ’  Mrs Chand added: ‘Being married for 86 years is a blessing, but . . . we just get along with each other and are family focused – it’s simple.’

She added that she was  looking forward to getting her telegram from the Queen next year and is conscious of the need to stay fit and healthy.
 'We have always eaten good wholesome food, there's nothing artificial in our diet but things like ghee (clarified butter), milk and fresh yogurt are what we like.
'We know that being married for 86 years is a blessing, but equally we will be ready to go when it's time, it's all up to the will of God, but we really have lived a good life.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Black and White Wedding Ideas

An ongoing trend this year in weddings is the black and white color palette.  It works because it is a classic combination and will never be out-of-date.  Don't be trapped into thinking this combination is boring, you can create so much interest with these contrasting colors.

As always, I have provided some inspiration for you to check out!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Honeymoon - Tips to choose destination

One of the biggest things the bride and groom have to look forward to is their Honeymoon. The Wedding Day takes so much preparation and planning that the Honeymoon is the ideal way for the bride and groom to relax and enjoy their first few days or weeks of married life. 

Where to go on your Honeymoon can be as big a decision as any of the other Wedding Day decisions you have just spent weeks if not months making. Do you both like the same things when on holiday or are you going to have to find compromise with your Honeymoon destination? 

Some of the more popular Honeymoon choices are all-inclusive resorts where everything is paid for in advance. For a Honeymoon this can be the ideal choice after the expense of the Wedding. You can order snacks, meals and refreshments without worry about a final bill. 

Many people envisage themselves on Honeymoon relaxing surf side with a cocktail in hand, the sun high in the sky and everything done for you. But if that's not your idea of a good time then why not Honeymoon somewhere that little bit different. Honeymoon in the mountains at a secluded ski resort has a certain appeal. 

What time of year your Wedding takes place can have a bearing on where you choose for your Honeymoon destination. If you have chosen a winter wedding then you may want to continue the theme whilst on Honeymoon and a ski resort with roaring fire is ideal. Maybe you want the complete opposite and are looking for some winter sun on Honeymoon. 

Whatever it is that you are looking for on Honeymoon spending time with your partner after the stress of the Wedding is the most important thing. Use your Honeymoon to unwind and relax and wherever you go.....have a ball!
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As Unique As You

You’re getting married to the one person in the world who is totally right for you. You’re not the same, of course, but compatible enough and different enough to bring both longevity and excitement to your marriage. The day is fast approaching when you will be pronounced husband and wife. What will that special ceremony be like?

Keep in mind, that the few requirements are very simple – you both want to be married, you both want to be married to each other, you both want to be married to each other on the wedding date chosen, and you both agree to all of that. All the rest is fluff. You can do or say or sing whatever you like, or dance and wear a cake on your head if that’s what will make your day memorable.

What does the Officiant of choice offer to you? Can they make up a ceremony that is strictly unique to you and perhaps never before done? In other words, can you work with this person and feel comfortable to ask them what they know or if they will “do it your way”?

Many couples like to include a Unity Candle. You can have a candle with one wick and both of you light it at the same time. You can have one candle with two wicks and each light your own. How about having 2 pillar candles tied together? The candles could be different colors or the same color. They could be tied with a sash, twine, wide to narrow ribbon, two different color ribbons or many ribbons woven or braided together.

Wait! I’m not finished. The mothers could light your personal tapers at the start of the ceremony to symbolize giving you birth by lighting your light. You would use those candles to light the Unity Candle (of choice) and then leave your own candle lit to represent that you will continue as a whole person as you deepen your relationship with each other.

If there are children involved they could be included in the candle lighting. There is a beautifully choreographed move, quickly taught, in which all of you light the wick at exactly the same time that symbolizes all of you becoming one family. Or for something totally different, use floating candles.

And that’s just exploring the possibilities of candle lighting.

When the couples that I marry want to include sand pouring to represent themselves becoming one as the grains of sand mix and mingle to become inseparable I suggest they each choose their own particular color. At the appropriate time, as they are about to pour and blend the sand, I speak of each color, what it means and how it perfectly represents the person.

The sand pouring is a great ceremony to add when children are involved. They each have their own color which has its own meaning. Each child is called by name and their virtues made known.

In one wedding I performed, both the bride and groom had 3 sons ranging in age from 6 to 12 which meant 8 people would be pouring sand. (Could be a masterpiece or could be a mess!) With a little planning and a lot of rehearsing it was a masterpiece. I’ll tell you how we engineered it.

Each one knew their color and exactly where it would be placed on the oblong table. The ornamental bowl was in the middle. The bride stood at the left end of the table, the groom stood at the right end of the table. Her 3 boys stood at one length of the table and his 3 boys on the other side of the table.

The father/groom poured half of his sand and the mother/bride poured half of her sand into the ornamental bowl. As each boy’s name was called he poured all of his sand into the bowl. When all the boys had their turn, the bride and groom poured their remaining sand at the same time into the bowl. I’m sure you understand the symbolism. It was a magnificent masterpiece! We concluded with a hand holding ceremony in which all 8 of them formed a circle around the table by holding each other’s hand while a poem was read.

There are dozens and dozens of ceremonies you can include to have a uniquely you wedding. Without going into detail there is water pouring and drinking, wine pouring and drinking, glass breaking, wishing stones, broom jumping, giving of coins, several with flowers, roses being a favorite.

You can add Memorials to call to mind and honor those that have passed on. A Memorial may also be for those who cannot attend for whatever reason. There are many versions of Parental Honoring and others in praise of mothers.

The above barely skims the surface. In this year of possibilities there is no end to the list of ways to personalize your ceremony in the manner in which suits you best. Just ask and you shall receive.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Western Wedding Cakes

Yee haw! If, in the words of Miley Cyrus, you are in the mood to “countrify” your wedding cake with cowboy hats and boots, then western wedding cakes are just the thing for your marriage ceremony.

Such a cake will feel right at home if you are going for an entire rustic country feel, right down to the barn and open farm like atmosphere to men wearing their best leather boots, brass buckled belts, jeans and plaid shirts and the ladies in their prettiest dresses; or in the same wear as men. Anyways, the point being, western wedding cakes may come in a range of options. Here are some wonderful western wedding cake tips which should bring about a laid back atmosphere to the festivities-

Haystack Wedding Cake

This may sound ridiculous but one of the best ideas for a western wedding cake would be making it resemble haystacks piled one on top of the other. It is one of the best ideas because it is relatively easy to prepare. Take a regular multi tiered cake and cover it with a coating of roasted coconut shreds. Do this until the entire cake is covered with the coconut shreds, giving the entire look that of haystacks piled one on top of the other, the biggest stack at the base and the smallest at the top.

Wildflower Adorned Wedding Cake

Cover the multi tiered cake with white fondant. Twirl fresh wildflowers and thistles and stick them to the fondant. You may attach the flowers to the fondant with superglue. The flowers and thistles can be ripped off while the cake is being consumed. A wedding cake decorated with wildflowers gives off a surrealistic look.

Horseshoe Adorned Wedding Cake

These are wedding cakes which sport fancy chocolate horseshoes, either placed on the surface of each tier, attached to the tier wall surface or as cake toppers (in which case, one horseshoe could be chocolate/ brown colored and the other vanilla/ white colored, to symbolize the contrast between the bride and groom).

Similarly, we could also have miniature edible cowboy hats sitting pretty atop the wedding cake.

Western Wedding Themed Cake Toppers

Horseshoe themed toppers are not the only western wedding themed cake toppers that you may find. You are also very likely to come across dapper couples (with the groom dressed with a black cowboy hat and boots with the bride in a pretty white dress). There are many variants of this “miniature country couple topper”.

However you decide to prepare and decorate your western wedding cake, make sure that it finds a place on the list of the most memorable and unique wedding cakes that you have ever laid your eyes upon.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Packing Tips Good for Any Groom

Gentlemen, listen well. If you somehow think you can show up to your own honeymoon dressed like a slob, then you're in for a big shock. Somewhere along the way guys mistakenly began to believe that they could just show up to their honeymoon wearing whatever they feel like. Sadly, this is not the case. For many women, the honeymoon is an extension of the wedding itself. What this means for you is that the honeymoon is not your standard issue "run of the mill" trip. Any notion you had of packing a handful of items and darting out the door should be dismissed immediately for your own good. There is advice aplenty for what women should pack for their honeymoon, but men rarely receive any advice on what they should be packing. 

This list should serve any groom headed to his honeymoon well. While it is not completely comprehensive, it should get any groom pointed in the right direction in terms of what he should take with him on this big, big, trip. 

Skip the Rush: This is a very important tip. Any seasoned traveler will tell you that the last second "travel rush" is a simply beastly thing. Trips of any kind can be stressful, and the last second rush only makes things worse. With this in mind, you should strongly consider packing well ahead of time. Of course, this means that you will need to think about what you will be doing on your honeymoon as well. If you are going hiking or scuba diving, for example, you will need very specific gear. So take a good long look at your wardrobe at least a month in advance so that you will be certain that you are not missing anything vital. In terms of packing, a smart groom would have all the packing out of the way at least a week ahead of the big trip. 

Dress the Part of a Gentlemen: Nothing makes the ladies swoon like a sharp dressed fellow. Keep this in mind when packing. A few slick outfits for your fine dining experiences is a very good idea. Your bride will also appreciate the effort you have shown as well. 

Say No To Creases: The crease is your enemy. The last thing you want is to arrive at your honeymoon destination only to find that all of your clothing is completely creased. After all who feels like ironing after a ten-hour or even a twenty hour travel day? To keep this from happening, pack clothes that don't wrinkle easily. Consider dry-cleaning an outfit. Dry cleaned clothes are more resistant to wrinkles and creases. 

Sexy, Sexy: Oh yes, your bride will appreciate a sexy surprise from you. A couple of pair of sexy men's underwear can go a long way. 

Skip the Pharmacy Trip: Think through and plan all of your potential pharmacy needs, or to phrase it another way, make sure you have plenty of condoms and lubricants. Why not be prepared? Just imagine what a pain it could be to spend an hour or two searching for condoms in a strange city or even worse, a strange country. 

Always Have a Back-Up Plan: An experienced traveler will tell you that all sorts of things can go wrong. In order to help safeguard you and your trip from disaster, think through what you pack in your carry on bag. If your suitcases get lost, a well-packed carry on can help you make it until you can replace your clothes or vital toiletries. 

Use Your Hotel: Don't feel that you have to lug every toiletry that you might need. Usually hotels have an assortment of the most commonly used items, such as shampoo and soap.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Difference Between a Bridal Shower Cake and a Wedding Cake

Is there really a difference? For years, I thought that a cake is a cake and what matters is the way it looks and tastes. But apart from the fact that both of them are cakes, there is a big difference between a Wedding Cake and a Bridal Shower Cake. The origin of these differences lies in the origin of these occasions.

A bridal shower cakes are different than a wedding cakes in terms of tradition and meaning. Bridal Shower is an informal event arranged by the bride’s close friends. It is a way of sending her off in a new role, whereas wedding is a traditional bonding between a man and a woman which not only unites them, but also their families.

Bridal Shower is a party. There are no set ground rules or etiquettes to carry it out. You can modify it according to the bride’s likes and dislikes. Many different customs have developed in various regions regarding the bridal shower. Traditionally, this was just a gift-giving party arranged by the bride’s friends to help her start her new life. Now-a-days, it is more of an excuse for the bride to spend a quality time with her close ones and have some party time. These days, the custom of ordering a cake for the bridal shower according to the theme has been picking up fast. But it is not a mandatory requirement. It is just a visual treat and is typically used as a centerpiece.

Wedding is considered as one of the seven sacraments. It is a formal announcement of the bride and the groom’s decision to spend the rest of their lives together. A wedding cake is usually multi-layered, multi–tiered and heavily decorated with sugar icing. It is a symbol of the love and commitment of the couple with each other. Traditionally, a white wedding cakes symbolized the purity of bride. Cutting the cake together symbolizes the first joint task carried out by the married couple. However, these symbolisms are outdated today. Now-a-days, the sexist meaning of the traditional white wedding cake has taken a backseat and is used mostly as a centerpiece and a visual treat.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unique Ideas for Escort Cards

Escort cards help your guests find their seats by providing their name and the table they are to sit at.  Traditionally, these are simply cards lined on a table for guest to find their name and take with them.  Infuse your personality into these aspect of your wedding by customizing how escort cards are displayed. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: