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Modify free wedding vows

A well-versed and well rehearsed wedding vow, especially when it comes from the heart, sends a certain chill to everyone who hears it. Vows have been a long time tradition in wedding ceremonies. The promise of a lifetime commitment to each other despite of difficulties and differences guarantee that true love really exists. Isn’t that a nice thought?

Both the groom and bride exchange wedding vows. Commonly, the vows would include a pledge of unselfishness, faithfulness, and unconditional love. If you are in the dark on what to write in your wedding vows, don’t be! You can find one of a kind wedding vow just by a click of your mouse. Surfing the internet for wedding vows proved to be a good source of ideas and tips that you can readily use on your wedding day. You may need to pay for the service on some sites, but you can scout one for free too.

Free wedding vows do away with the traditional and scripted promise one hears over and over again in common wedding ceremonies. The good thing about free wedding vows on the net, aside from the fact that they are free, they give you the freedom and flexibility to write what you want to say from your heart. You can modify the free sample vows or if you find the writing incredibly heart-warming, you can go ahead and use it without revisions.

There are different vows you can choose from. Like everything, vows can be customized according to the circumstances that you are in. There can be vows specially written for second marriage couples, couples with children, religious variations or wedding anniversaries. Using poetry as part of a vow is a common practice too. Those of Gibran, Keats and Browning are popular choices. You can browse on some internet sites that can even offer a free worksheet format and questionnaires that you need to fill out for you to easily modify your chosen wedding vow. These will serve as your guideline so that you can re-evaluate what you want to say.

Before that big day, preparing your wedding vows is very crucial. Writing your vows together is a very special activity that is highly recommended.

When writing a wedding vow together, set a specific time and place where the two of you can have some privacy. You can jot down your promises on a separate sheet of paper and agree to compare what you’ve written after an hour or so. First, write a letter professing your love for your partner. Do not hesitate to elaborate what you are feeling. Be creative and be sure to take note of your favorite and memorable times together, either good or bad. Some suggestions are the first time that you met, the moment when finally said ‘yes’ or when a trying situation happened but still your love for each others endure. Grab sweet lines from songs, books or scriptures that translate your love for your partner. After writing down your letter, get back together and read each other’s writings. Reading the letters can be truly heart-warming. Prepare to share a laugh or even occasional crying. Share your thoughts on the best part of the letter and from there start your outline for your vows.

The secret of a good wedding vow is making it a personal commitment to your other half and make sure that the message you convey are made clear and simple. Nothing beats anything that genuinely comes from the heart.

Free Wedding Speeches, helpful or dreadful?

You’re sitting in your couch watching TV on a Saturday night, minding your own business and then your Best friend calls you up, tells you he’s getting hitched and wants you to be his best man. You sweat, but can’t decline, so you end up agreeing on a toast at the wedding. After you hang up the phone, you go straight to the net and search for Free Wedding speeches.

Get the picture? Statistics have shown that more people are afraid of public speaking then they are of more common fears, and it is indeed a very fearful act, speaking in public, anything you say cannot be taken back, and if you say something bad, you’ll get foot “in” mouth disease.

But does looking for free speeches on the net really help? Most of the time you’ll find some cheap tips on how to make the perfect, speech or how to say it. Or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find one that is already made, and you’ll just have to print it. But these speeches tend to be rather, impersonal and very general, and if you’re the best man, you’ll probably just end up boring your friends and family.

When making speeches, the simpler the better, you won’t have to depend on free wedding speeches off the net if you have memories of your friends.

What you are asked to do on a wedding toast is to tell the people something about your friends, the ones getting married, how they were meant for each other and how you wish them happiness for the rest of their lives. You don’t need a factory made, winding speech, all you need is memories, and your genuine care for your loved ones.

If you’re still having the jiggly stomach about giving your speech you can follow these free wedding speech tips, they may not be ready made but they’ll surely help.

- Forget the preaching go on with the memories
Most people give winding speeches because they tend to give “unasked advice” leave that to the marriage counselor or the pastor, just give ‘em memories. Most couples appreciate the nostalgia of a few well chosen memories. Find a funny or a touching memory you have of the couple and share it with the room, plus a few well wishes and you’re done.

- go for short but effective, rather than long and winding
Many of us know that a long speech is very boring; you don’t want to dull the night with your talks of your childhood, and your games, with your friend. A biography is for a book, one or two memories are for a wedding.

- Write a Poem
You may say that poems are for sissies but that depends on every person point of view. But a Wedding Is a very emotional moment and it’s sure that everyone is in the mood for a little emotion and tears and what more to provoke those dams to flow than a few well said lines in the form of a poem?

- Don’t forget to introduce yourself
A simple “Jade has been my friend since high school and I’ve never seen her gaga over any guy other than Andrew” Make a basis for what you’re saying, especially if you’re talking about moments in the newlywed’s life. If it was a trial, you’re the witness, and you’ll need credibility. Just imagine would people “feel” your speech if they’re don’t know who the heck you are?

Tips in selecting discount wedding invitations

Choosing a wedding invitation is very important because it will give your guests a first impression or glimpse of what your actual wedding will be like. A wedding invitation must, first and foremost, reflect your wedding theme and motif. Wedding invitations also often serves the purpose of being delightful keepsakes.

However, the right wedding invitation need not cost an arm and a leg. It is not wise to spend a fortune that can be used somewhere else. The range of kinds and styles of discount wedding invitation is vast. Choosing a particular one can be very confusing. There are discount wedding invitations and if you follow the guidelines below you will definitely never go wrong in choosing one. The key is to be prudent and not letting yourself get carried away. You can even save more money if you follow these guidelines.

Choose wedding invitation style well. As mentioned earlier, your primary consideration in choosing a wedding invitation style is the theme and motif of your wedding. Is your wedding grad or simple? Will your wedding be light or formal? Other than that, it all depends on personal taste and budget. But whatever your taste or budget range is, you will definitely be able to find a good wedding invitation. If you want, you can even buy some cards and design your own invitation by buying a printing kit which is offered by some wedding service providers.

Determine the kind of wedding you’ll have. Your type of wedding invitation will largely depend on whether you will have a traditional or modern wedding. Traditional weddings would require a more formal invitation. On the other hand, a modern wedding will call for a more modern kind of wedding invitation. Traditional wedding invitations would only contain texts. It wouldn’t contain any graphics. Traditional wedding invitations are usually upright and folded with the words engraved on the right side. Cards used in traditional wedding invitations are usually white or cream and the letterings are in silver and black. If you are having a themes wedding then choose a wedding invitation that is appropriate for your chosen theme. For example, you can have a sixteenth century scrolled parchment wedding invitation if the theme of your wedding is Tudor.

Choosing a supplier. Wedding invitations can be obtained by mail order, printer, stationers and stationery designers or you can buy online. Choose a supplier hat provides value added services and features so you will get real value for your money. Some suppliers will help you right the wording in your wedding invitation. Some will even help you with wedding etiquette rules and would help you if you are confused about all the etiquette rules involved in sending out wedding invitations. It would also be nice if the supplier has trained and experienced wedding etiquette and social correctness experts. Choose a supplier that offers personalized service so you can be sure that you are not getting run of the mill wedding invitation.

A good discount wedding invitation supplier will also respond to your inquiries and requests promptly either through email or by phone. But your privacy must always be requested so make sure that any personal information you provide to them is used for the sole purpose of processing your order. Your order must be transmitted across a secure server, so your billing information is kept private.

American Wedding

Living in the US makes one feel free - free to do anything, free to live, free to love, free from traditions. While this is true, there are still many practices done during wedding that renders this memorable event with a distinct American touch. Here are some:

Starting from the engagement, Americans can think of unique ways to personalize their wedding. As there really isn't any engagement tradition, the more unique the marriage proposal is done, the better.

For most wedding preparations, the engaged couple visits their parents to inform them of their recent engagement.

At times, the engaged couple hosts an engagement party. The engagement party costs less than a wedding reception since most of the time, the menu will only include cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Therefore, if the couple is on a tight budget, they can just invite more guests to the engagement party if they plan to limit the number of guests during the wedding.

Most wedding preparations have a bridal shower given by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. The groom may also have a bachelor party the night before the wedding but he has to be careful not to drink too much.

Wedding invitations should include response cards to quickly inform the couple whether the person has accepted or declined the invitation. The wedding invitations should also be sent within four to six weeks before the event.

Usually, there is a rehearsal dinner in which the wedding party and guests came from far places to be present at the wedding attend. It was practiced that the groom's parents pay for this dinner.

A bridal luncheon may be hosted for the bride's attendants during the wedding day. However, time constraints may not permit this to be part of the schedule for the wedding day. Likewise, the groom may also host a groom's dinner for his groomsmen.

Interestingly, even if the couple is not very religious, they still prefer a religious ceremony. However, this may pose a problem since in America people of different faiths and religious backgrounds get married.

Even if there are few people who believe in bad luck, some couples still make sure that the groom does not see his bride until she starts waking on the aisle.

It is still practiced that the groom and his groomsmen enter the church through a side door. The bride will then walk down the aisle with her father. In some cases when both her father and stepfather brought up the bride, she may ask them both to escort her.

During a formal reception, there is usually a bridal table where the couple and the attendants sit. Also, food and drinks should be served as the guests appear at the reception.

Before, gift giving used to depend on what the guest will feel useful for the couple. Now, it is better to register for gifts so the guests will know what to bring that the couple will need.

Upon receiving an engagement or wedding gift, it is better to send a thank you note apart from saying "thank you" to the giver. This should be sent within two weeks upon receipt of the gift. Make a personalized thank you note, instead of using an impersonal generic thank you note.

These are just some American practices during weddings. Whether one chooses to this or prefers to have a very different wedding, what's more important is that American's still believe in the wedding vow, "For better or worse, 'til death do us part."

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Cheap Wedding Dress Or Best Wedding Dress

Bride to be, as you plan your wedding on a tight budget there is already enough anxiety attached to getting the perfect gown at a price you can live with. When the internet came into being, it became easier to search for a cheap wedding dress that could fit your budget, along with style, elegance and taste.

As a girl, the wedding dress really bring us to much imagine, and the dream has begian at the first sight of Mr Right. however, do you know how can select an elegent, delicated design wedding dress with low price. No one deny that the wedding is sacred, a siutable wedding dress will give bride and groom more happy and romantic feelings.

Compared with Europe , some Asia countries can supply quality and more competitive price for bride to be. The mateirals they use in the wedding dress making are best silk that from China Hangzhou (a well-known China silk city with more than 1000 years) or India. If you are considering buying direct from China, or overseas, here are a few additional things to consider, based on some independent research. You need to Beware because the pictures they use do not always represent the actual dress that they send.

Here is a source for a cheap wedding dress online. You can go to the Aminweddingdress bridal Online Store website and find prices that are 60-80 percent lower than bridal shops. I hope this article will give you useful information of quality and Cheap wedding dress.

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding
Don't let the title fool you! A Cheap wedding doesn't mean running off and eloping or running down to city hall on your lunch hour. You can have a very memorable wedding and not spend an arm and a leg on the whole event.

Here are some tips to save money and cut on the costs.

Tip1: Cut back on some of the guests. Every time a name gets added you are adding to the catering bill, the table arrangements and postage. A Good rule of thumb is this, if you haven't seen or talked to them in 5 years, it won't hurt for them to miss the event. Don't feel obligated to invite everyone you work with and just because some one is single, they don't have to bring a date and veto children.

Tip2: There are a couple of ways to save money in this category. If you just have to have the invitations done by a professional, get rid of the inner envelope, blotter paper and the R.S.V.P cards. Have people respond back by email or by telephone. Of course, another way to save money is buy your own paper stock and print them yourself. It will take some time, but will save money in the long run.

Tip3: The wedding dress. Cheap weddings don't mean you have to forgo the lavish wedding dress. Search the web; check Ebay and Craigslist for people selling used dresses. There are also sample sales and resale shops. Other things to look for are bridal stores that have special sales on certain dresses for 99.00 and up. You may not get all the lace and pearls, but still have a beautiful dress.

Tip4: The day you are having your wedding could cost your more than you think. Saturdays one the big day for weddings and as such vendors are usually booked. Change the day to a weeknight or a Sunday. Vendors may cut you deals or give you discounts on packages.

Tip5: If you are having a church wedding, try to plan around a holiday. The church will already be decorated and could save you a ton on flowers and decorations. Candlelight ceremonies are also romantic. Try those for off days in the church. Candles are usually abundant.

Tip6: Another way to have a cheap wedding is check with family and friends see who can do what and see who they know. You may have a preacher or minister in the family, some who is crafty and can design center pieces or help you do corsages or put together the flower arrangements. Maybe you know someone that has a bar or a restaurant and would let you use it on the day he or she is normally closed. Or maybe there is an aspiring photographer in the family, give them practice and get your wedding pictures free or at least at a discount.

These are just a few tips for have a cheap wedding but still having a memorable day and including family and friends. It doesn't take a lot of money to have a good time and keep a memory for the rest of your life.

How to plan a low cost wedding: Focus on these eight specific areas.

Food: When it comes to food there are a number of creative ways to save on food costs. Wedding venues that cater for the event will build healthy margins into the food they serve as is expected when running a business. They will also charge differently depending on the day of the week and time of the day. By doing some leg work you can pick a venue and establish your cost guidelines that fits in with you budget allocations. Sometimes picking a venue that doesn’t break the bank and using your own source of catering can end up being cheaper. Examine the options before you proceed.

Bar: Buying wholesale will definitely save you money. If you use a reception center this is not likely permitted. By hiring your own venue you may be able to assemble your own team of caters/waiters and supply the alcohol and food. If you find a suitable venue then this low budget wedding tip can save you thousands alone.

Wedding attire: In general, the more formal you make the occasion the more expensive the cost. Consider employing a less formal approach. You can still look stunning by selecting wedding attire that doesn’t cost a fortune. Custom made dresses are often expensive and if you do some research you can often find a discount designer dress at a greatly reduced price.

Flowers: Select flowers that are stunning in appearance but not as expensive as high end alternatives. There are also other ways to employ decorations that can minimize your investment in flowers. By having one main centerpiece and using other decorations you can greatly reduce the money you need to allocate towards floral arrangements.

Photography & Videography: This is a major cost and is something you will need to carefully consider. Having a professional do the job is essential because it is something you will cherish for years to come. If you are investigating cost cutting in this area you need to make sure that the person you employ has the necessary professional expertise and experience to be able to deliver a high quality reproduction of the event. You can go for a student to reduce costs but you need to make sure they will be able to handle the job.

Music: If you are going to hire someone to provide the music this will add additional expense. You can save in this area by using prerecorded music or by hiring a person who is musically talented but doesn’t charge professional rates. Asking friends can often produce someone who is talented and can be booked at a greatly reduced cost.

Honeymoon: Saving money on your honeymoon depends on a number of factors including the time of the year, duration and the honeymoon destination. You will have to be prepared to do extensive online research to find bargains. You can often get a great deal by traveling at the end of the season. Making use of any frequent flyer miles can also help reduce your honeymoon costs.

Guest List: Keeping the numbers down will greatly reduce your costs. If you have a large guest list then you will need to find an approach that reduces the cost per head. You can also save on your wedding invitations by creating your own. If you add humor to the occasion you can often create memorable invitations that will really strike a chord with your friends for very little outlay.

The above represents some basic guidelines to plan a cheap wedding. The more you research the more creative solutions you will find. It just takes time and a little effort. Creating a memorable wedding that doesn’t cost a fortune is attainable for everyone provided you are prepared to do a little leg work.

40 best cost-cutting tips for your wedding planning

1. Extend your engagement. A longer planning period means a better chance of getting the best vendors in your price range. Plus, you can typically lock in rates that might increase by the time your wedding date arrives.

2. Imbibe wisely. Many sites offer consumption bars (you pay for the liquor your guests drink) or open bars (a flat fee per guest). If your invitees are light drinkers, a consumption bar will save you cash. One caveat: Make sure you trust the establishment tallying drinks.

3. Limit your attendants. You could save hundreds on the boutonnieres and bouquets, not to mention all of the gifts you would need to buy for a large wedding party.

4. Avoid a Saturday night soiree. Wedding pros charge their highest fees for parties that are held on this evening. If you're willing to move your event to a Friday or Sunday night, you'll probably get lower rates-and even better ones for a weeknight wedding.

5. Marry in the off-season. Prime party times are from May to October in most parts of the country. If you instead plan your nuptials for January, for instance, you'll have a better chance of finding vendors who will drop their rates.

6. Steer clear of holidays. A Valentine's Day wedding will mean higher costs for flowers-and for nuptials on New Year's Eve, your site may charge you overtime rates for staffing.

7. Shop strategically. When searching for a gown within your budget, avoid luxe materials and embellishments. Instead, go for textured fabrics like silk organza, crinkled silk and silk faille, which look and feel more expensive than they are.

8. Inquire about freebies. Some sites include a cake, flowers or a honeymoon suite in wedding packages.

9. Pick a multipurpose venue. If you use one site for the ceremony and reception, you'll save on site fees and won't have to pay for transportation to both spots.

10. Keep it to one card. If you can fit all of your reception information on the wedding invitation, you'll save on the materials and printing costs, and possibly even on the postage.

11. Skip the inner envelope. This is a tradition but certainly not a necessity-it costs extra and may even add more to each invite's postage.

12. Use nonfloral fillers. Mix fruit with flowers to create a beautiful centerpiece for half the price of a flowers-only design. Or ask for extra greenery to fill out the arrangement at a lower cost.

13. Be choosy. For a destination wedding, select a hotel with an on-site wedding coordinator so you don't have to pay for an independent planner. Also, choosing an all-inclusive resort can save cash; if there's a reception fee, it tends to be small.

14. Throw a brunch (or lunch) bash. You'll save on the food (breakfast and lunch entrées are cheaper), the bar (daytime tabs tend to be much smaller) and possibly even the fee for the space.

15. Browse sample sales. Twice a year, many bridal salons sell samples of the dresses they carry at a significant discount. You could land a bargain (but first find out what dry cleaning and alterations might cost, so you can take that into account before your purchase).

16. Pare down ceremony decor. Guests will see these flowers for only an hour or two, so stick with the basics. Consider placing one or two big arrangements up front, where all eyes will be, and leaving the rest of the room decorated very simply.

17. Authorize a market buy. Instead of specifying the blooms you want for your wedding, ask your florist to choose the best bargains available in your color scheme on your big day.

18. Eliminate waiting fees. Hire one car to get you and your groom to and from the ceremony, and then another for the end of the night. Often, you'll end up paying less for two cars than for one limo with overtime charges.

19. Have dual-function flowers. Certain types of bouquets, most notably pomanders and nosegays, can surreptitiously be used twice. After they are carried down the aisle by your bridesmaids, they can be placed in vases to grace guests' tables.

20. Cut out a course. If you serve heavy hors d'oeuvres during the cocktail hour, you can get by with a simple soup or salad, followed by a main course and dessert (or just wedding cake) for the meal.

21. Be sly with centerpieces. Choose less expensive flowers that are in season (such as dahlias or local hydrangeas) to use at the base of the arrangement, since they'll ultimately be covered by pricier blooms.

22. Size things up. Play with texture and scale to make all of your centerpieces appear costlier than they really are. Three simple glass cylinders each holding a cluster of stems interconnected with a curly willow, for example, can be just as attractive as a traditional candelabra that's packed with many blossoms-and way more unique.

23. Ask about hidden fees. Before you commit to a venue, inquire about all the little costs-for example, some sites will charge to cut your cake or uncork your champagne. You can save by adding them up and factoring this into your decision about a site.

24. Mark down the meal price. A fancy beef or seafood dish is nice, but a fabulous chicken entrée or even an exotic vegetarian risotto can wow your guests for a lot less.

25. Be a minimalist. Instead of carrying a big, lush bouquet, opt for just a few dramatic flowers, like sunflowers or calla lilies, tied with ribbon. You'll get a chic look for a lower price.

26. Select a well-dressed site. A venue's affordibility depends in part on how much decorating it requires. A grand historic estate, for example, may need only minimal florals for decor-so in the end, this venue might actually cost less than a bare reception hall.

27. Alter the champagne toast. Sites usually charge extra for toasting bubbly, but you can decrease the cost if you substitute prosecco or a sparkling white wine for the French original. Or skip the champagne service entirely: No one will notice it's missing-they'll simply raise a glass of whatever they're drinking.

28. Call upon friends. To free up funds for other areas of your wedding, have craftsy friends (instead of your planner) create your welcome baskets, or ask a relative with neat handwriting to address all of your invitations.

29. Lessen the guest list. Its obvious, but it bears mentioning: Each additional attendee means an extra meal, a bigger bar tab and one more invitation you'll have to pay for. With eight to 10 extra guests, you'll also have to purchase another centerpiece.

30. Limit the liquor. The bar tab can be the biggest budget breaker for many couples. Those in the know make it more affordable at their wedding by offering guests beer and wine only (at least one red and one white), along with a sophisticated signature cocktail.

31. Be your own beauty pro. You can save a lot by doing your own hair and makeup. Get ideas and tips beforehand from magazines and makeup counters, and ask a friend to help on the big day.

32. Bring your own bar. If your site allows, it can be cheaper to buy liquor at a warehouse-style store and pay your site to provide a bartender. You can use any leftovers to stock your home bar.

33. Stick with the standards. Nix premium-brand liquors and instead serve more economical "house" brands. In mixed drinks, it can be difficult to tell the difference.

34. Be frugal with photography. If the photographer you have in mind seems priced beyond your reach, you may still be able to hire him without going over budget. Ask this pro to provide proofs only, then craft your own album out of those. You won't have to settle for a different vendor-and you can always order more prints or a polished album later.

35. Ask for a rough cut. Scale back on videography costs by asking your pro to give you just a very basic edit. You'll get the footage you were looking for, in the style you wanted, and you can always save up to have him edit it further later.

36. Minimize the musicians. For your ceremony, hire just a pianist and a vocalist instead of booking a string quartet-you'll still get the great music you'd envisioned but at a greatly reduced cost.

37. Bypass a live band. Most top DJs charge a lot less than top bands. An added benefit is that a DJ can act as an all-in-one entertainer: He can play the tunes for your ceremony, switch to background music for the cocktail hour, then take the remainder of the party into high gear.

38. Forgo the favors. Your guests will hardly notice that they're missing. Another option: Give one favor to each couple instead of one per guest in order to pay half the price.

39. Craft items by hand. If you have time for this budget-friendly DIY project, make your own favors. (Enlist friends or relatives to help!) A bonus: Since homemade treats are more personal and unique, they're always a hit among guests.

40. Postpone your honeymoon. Consider delaying the trip to your dream destination until the off-season, when rates will be lower. If you can't be this flexible, try to schedule your departure and return on a Monday or Tuesday to secure better airfares.

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More Wedding Planning Help for you

How to Understand a Groom
You're about to marry the man of your dreams and life should be perfect, but it's NOT! What has happened to that kind, thoughtful guy you fell in love with? He seems withdrawn, uncooperative and a bit grumpy. What's going on here?

Is it possible that he was thinking home and family, and you were thinking, "I get to be a BRIDE!"?

Back when your groom was a little boy he probably never put on his dad's suit coat and played 'groom'. He didn't have a groom doll. He didn't have groom paper dolls. But somewhere in your past you probably played bride with some lace curtains and one of mom's old slips. You may have had a bride Barbie and spent hours setting up the perfect doll wedding.

Real Brides Views on Wedding Gowns
It's a great wedding dress and is very flattering. I'm a bigger girl so finding wedding dresses to try on that were flattering was a great thing.

So, should I wait and try on more wedding dresses until I find one that makes me cry? I think I'm holding back emotionally until I find *THE* dress, but how do I know when it's *THE* dress??

Sorry if I rambled too much....I'm just really confused".

"I think you should keep trying on more wedding dresses. If you keep coming back to this one, then it's the one. I tried on lots and lots of wedding dresses, and in the end I bought one of the first ones I tried on. After I tried it on, I compared every other wedding dress to it, and none of them measured up".

What You Should Know Before Shopping for Rings
For many couples, the selection of the diamond engagement ring and wedding rings will be their first experience in purchasing expensive, fine jewelry. As with many areas of wedding preparations, this lack of experience may leave you feeling a little bewildered and vulnerable. You'll want to make sure you have a fairly good understanding of what is involved in purchasing a diamond in order to ensure that you receive the highest value for your dollar and in order to avoid being taken advantage of due to your inexperience. Lets's run through a quick crash course!

When to shop for rings Wedding rings should be selected and purchased 6 -12 months before your wedding. This will allow you plenty of time to shop in a non-panicked environment for quality and value in your rings. It will also ensure that your rings arrive in time for your wedding in the event that they need to be special ordered or sized. In my many years of experience in dealing with brides and grooms, I've known of numerous cases where couples put off shopping for their wedding rings for far too long and as a result their rings did not arrive in time for the wedding date. In such cases, other rings had to be substituted, which takes much of the meaning away from the entire ceremony and experience. In many religions, a special part of the wedding ceremony is the blessing of the rings - a ritual for which it is really important to have the actual wedding rings present!

What to Know When Selecting Your Wedding Musicians
Many brides are overwhelmed by having to make 2,156 decisions in planning their wedding ceremonies and receptions to ensure their absolutely perfect wedding day. What to choose: silver or gold table linens; chicken or salmon; pink roses or delphiniums?

As a professional Chicago pianist and wedding musician for over 21 years, I have been a significant part of thousands of celebrations that included “behind the scenes” negotiations, phone discussions, music selections, rehearsals, recommendations for additional vendors, etc. Particular brides were searching for only the best, and I’d like to share suggestions in how you can do the same to ensure that your special day be memorable, beautiful, and special.

Preserving Your Bridal Bouquet
Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding and spends months, sometimes years, planning - all for that one special day she will remember and cherish for her entire life.

Preserved Bridal Bouquet Traditionally there have only been a few ways to preserve those memories so your children and grandchildren could experience that cherished moment in your life. Recently a new industry has emerged making it possible to preserve a part of your wedding for a lifetime.

Specialists can preserve your wedding bouquet, the same flowers you walked down the isle with, through a space-age process called freeze drying. This process extracts the water from your flowers using a special machine. The flowers maintain their shape, color and smell, and will last for a lifetime. Most professionals will then reassemble your bouquet and mount it in an oval frame with a special dome for you and your family to cherish forever.

Plan Your Wedding In No Time
In the world of wedding planning there are two very distinct types of brides. In one corner we have those that delight in fussing over even the most minuscule wedding details, regardless of the endless time it consumes, seeming to enjoy the process as much as they do the end result. And in the other corner there are those busy brides who either simply don't have that kind of time, or just aren't into obsessing over details - they just want to get the job done so they can get on with the celebration.

Plan Your Wedding... In No Time by-passes the "fru-fru", getting you right down to the nitty-gritty of wedding planning. The average wedding takes about 250 hours to plan, making it rather like a second job for the typical bride-to-be. This presents quite the challenge for many of todays's brides, who are often juggling a whole whack of existing demands on their time, which can range from career responsibilities to children.

Wedding Planning Software:Changing the Way Weddings Are Planned
Wedding planning has come a long way since I got my start as a professional wedding planner in 1991. Back then, few people had ever heard of the internet, or of wedding planning software (software for planning a wedding); now it seems that everybody who has a wedding to plan is using both. At least that's certainly the case for smart and savvy couples who want to simplify the wedding planning process, stay sane and organized through all of those countless details, and avoid those wedding disaster stories we have all heard. Wedding planning software has made wedding planning way easier than it used to be, back in the day.

If there's one thing I've learned through my years in the business it is this - the more well organized a couple is while planning their wedding, the more they enjoy the process, and the less stress they experience. That's how wedding planning should be, but it rarely is.

Wedding Etiquette Issues
With the 21st century well under way, a new wedding etiquette has been emerging out of necessity. The world is a drastically different place than it was in the days of Emily Post and, as such, the rules of wedding etiquette have gradually become modified to conform to common sense in the world in which we now live.

Make no mistake, wedding etiquette is still very much alive, it's just a little different than it was a century ago. In this fast paced world where people are often self absorbed, abrupt, inconsiderate, or downright rude, etiquette remains a necessity to ensure that our social skills do not fall too far out of hand.

Hot New Trend: The Honeymoon Gift Registry
More couples today are getting married after they have lived on their own and are established in apartments or homes. They have many of the household items that are traditional wedding gifts, such as pots & pans, toasters and dishes. Thus the nature of bridal registry has been changing. One offspring solution to this problem is honeymoon registry.

Honeymoon Registry Services offer a solution for these couples and their friends and family wishing to buy them meaningful wedding gifts.

After a couples' honeymoon has been planned, the honeymoon registry service can take those plans and put it into a registry list, just like a registry list that you would find at a department store. But instead of the list containing household items, it contains pieces of a couples' honeymoon. Not only do guests have the opportunity to help them pay for airfare and resort accommodations, but they can also buy romantic gifts, such as a candlelit dinner or an exciting afternoon of scuba diving. The items on honeymoon registry lists can include activities or "extras" that the couple would like to do on their honeymoon, the beginning of their new life together. Gifts are broken down into not only airfare and hotel, but also any activity that couples wish to do on their honeymoon. These activities may include items such as breakfast in bed, a champagne welcome, scuba diving, horseback riding, ski lift tickets, casino chips, tickets to shows and much, much more.

Insurance Advice for Newlyweds
Starting a new life together is exciting, but can also be a bit overwhelming. There's a world of new responsibilities, including newly shared financial obligations. Amidst all the celebrating and well wishes, developing a sound financial plan that includes adequate protection against life's unforeseen risks is extremely important.

Though not a topic most newlyweds want to spend a lot of time thinking about, the chance of dying prematurely and leaving behind a loved one is a risk that no married person should ignore. So how do young couples know how much and what kind of life insurance they need? The best way to determine your individual insurance needs is to carefully review your financial situation and objectives with an insurance advisor.

Wedding Planning Help

What Is a Wedding Consultant... And Do You Need One?
A professional wedding consultant is a wealth of creative ideas and insider's know-how. She's got connections with the best vendors in town and has learned to become an ace negotiator to get you the best value or 'deal' for your money. She's oozing with imagination, and knows where to find all of those unique and dazzling touches to transform your wedding into an absolute fantasy. She knows the tips and tricks to avoid trouble - but she also knows how to trouble-shoot when the need does arise. She knows what needs to be done when, and she knows the "whos" and "hows" to make it all happen. She's an organized, people person with a penchant for detail and a superb sense of style. She is the bride's advocate and adviser, her counsellor, and her buddy, all rolled into one.
Ask anyone who has been involved in planning a wedding and they'll quickly tell you that the process can be like a full time job. So much to do, so much to learn - and so little time to do it all! Few brides-to-be are experienced in orchestrating an event as large and important as a wedding. There are endless details to arrange, many logistics to organize, large numbers of vendors and service providers to hire, schedules, time-lines and budgets to manage... and as a result, so much room for oversights to occur and for things to go wrong. The reality is that few couples have the level of time in their schedules required to successfully plan, manage, and execute such an event effectively; unfortunately, however, many couples don't realize or acknowledge this until it is too late, when parts of their wedding dream have already disintegrated into disappointment.

The Best Man's How-To Guide
The best man is the person selected to "stand up for the groom" at the wedding. The best man must be of legal age because he also serves as a legal witness to the marriage. (Remember, apart from all the wedding hoopla, marriage is a legal contract!).

During the ceremony, the best man stands next to the groom (to the groom's right side). If there are other male attendants (ushers or groomsmen), they will stand to your right side.

If there is no ring bearer for the wedding (the little guy who carries that frilly little pillow onto which the rings are sometimes tied), the best man may be asked to hold the rings during the ceremony until the moment comes for the couple to exchange vows and rings.

Since the best man serves as a legal witness, towards the end of the ceremony you will accompany the bride, groom, and maid or matron of honor (who is also a witness), to witness the signing of the legal documents.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the best man escorts the Maid or Matron of Honor up the aisle, following directly behind the bride and groom.

As you exit the church, you will stand with the bride, groom, and other bridal party attendants to pose for photos.

If all of this seems a little overwhelming or difficult to remember, don't worry - it will all be carefully explained - and you'll get the chance to practice it, and ask any questions you may have - at the wedding rehearsal, a day or two before the wedding.

All About Receiving Lines
A receiving line is always seen at a truly formal wedding. The purpose behind the tradition is to allow the hostess - usually the Mother of the Bride, regardless of who is paying for the wedding - to personally welcome the guests into the reception.

Traditionally, the host - usually the Father of the Bride, regardless of who is paying for the wedding - mingles nearby, introducing guests to one an other, pointing guests in the direction of the bar and hors d'oeuvres, and so forth .

Sometimes, when the reception will be quite brief, or in the case of a less formal wedding, the couple might opt not to have a receiving line. Some reception sites and halls may actually encourage that in order to keep everything on schedule.

A word of caution about this, however... if you are foregoing the receiving line with the thought that you will instead visit each table of guests after dinner (an unquestionable must if there is no receiving line), you are very likely to find your own fun and enjoyment of your wedding reception to be cut down by all the required table-hopping. Instead of hitting the dance floor, you may find the night to be quickly consumed by your obligation to "make the rounds".

The Kindness Trend in Weddings
More and more couples right now are incorporating a charitable element into their big day – and it’s not just celebrities who are doing this. A wave of couples everywhere are making the choice to do something generous for a good cause as part of their wedding celebration.

Weddings have always had a self-indulgent element to them, and so it’s exciting to see couples generously opening their hearts to others on their wedding day. What a wonderful way to celebrate the love they share – by sprinkling some of that love out to others by doing good.
With any trend, the more people see of it, the more likely they are to adopt it. But a lot of people really feel inspired by the good deeds of others. It makes them want to do something good too. When you think about it, it’s a really beautiful way for a couple to start their new life together. You've got to admit, it’s got a good vibe to it.

We predict that the kindness trend will continue to pick up momentum over the next 12 months, but unlike other trends that fade completely after reaching their peak, the concept behind this one has some staying power. Trends, by their very nature, are flaky. One day everyone’s doing a particular thing, and before long it’s never seen again. But fortunately kindness never completely goes out of style. Chances are this current trend will show people how easily charitable elements can be incorporated into weddings, and those ideas will continue to be seen at weddings long after this is no longer the ‘it’ thing of the moment.

Destination Weddings - Top Trend in Weddings
Perhaps you've heard some buzz about destination weddings recently, but you're still not clear on the concept. Destination Wedding essentially means "eloping with a crowd". It's a modern version of eloping. When a couple eloped in the past, they ran off alone together. Now they may still run off to get married, but they take their closest family members and friends with them to share in the celebration.

Destination weddings are sometimes also referred to as "Honeymoon Weddings" because they combine a wedding and honeymoon all in one. "Familymoon" is another term we are starting to hear used interchangeably with the destination wedding because it is, in essence, a honeymoon that the whole family (and often close friends) goes along on.

Wedding Gown Preservation - How Prevent Permanent Wedding Gown Damage
If you're like most brides, after the wedding you are going to feel extremely sentimental about your wedding gown. After all, you paid dearly for it (how often do you shell out that kind of cash for something you wear only once?). But this is about much more than money. You wedding gown will have an almost magical ability to bring back amazing memories every time you see it, touch it, or hold it in your arms. Suddenly, all the visions, sounds, and smells of your wedding day come flooding back with precious clarity when you spend spend a sentimental moment with your wedding gown in the years to come.

Your wedding gown also has major heirloom potential, and that's why you need to start thinking about wedding gown preservation right now.

You may be asking, "Why are we talking about this now?. Isn't wedding gown preservation something that gets done after the wedding?". Yes, indeed, but we're talking immediately after the wedding if you are going to do it right, and that means you need to have a plan in place long before then. While wedding gown preservation could be done anytime, say, weeks, months, or even years after the wedding, to prevent permanent, irrepairable damage to your wedding gown, you'll need to move on your wedding gown preservation plans quickly once all the hoopla of the wedding is over.

Wedding Favors: Ideas to Add Style, Personality to Your Wedding
It's customary to give wedding favors (small gifts or keepsakes) to each wedding guest as a token of your appreciation for their attendance. Afterall, they took time out from their busy lives to spend with you on your wedding day, didn't they? So a small but thoughtful expression of your gratitude is appropriate.

This charming and gracious tradition offers you yet another ideal opportunity to express your individuality as a couple, reflect your personality, and show off your great taste and personal sense of style. The right wedding favors can help add fabulousness to your wedding reception.

Like with all of the other details of a weddings, most couples take some time and care to select wedding favors that will be just right for their wedding.

Well chosen wedding favors demonstrate your attention to detail - and guests find that impressive. Your wedding favors are yet another way for you to really make a statement. They can inject uniqueness and character to your wedding.

Who Gets Gifts?
As your wedding draws near, you've undoubtedly felt a glimmer of anticipation at the thought of the mountain of gifts you are likely to receive from guests and well-wishers on your wedding day. Kind of makes you feel like a kid at Christmas time, no?

But what about all those fine folks to whom you, as the bride and groom, need to give gifts? Yes, that's right - in case you've forgotten, apart from being the recipient of gifts as your wedding approaches, proper etiquette requires that you'll need to give a few, too.

Put your most gracious foot forward and show your appreciation to every individual who deserves it with our clear-cut gift giving guide. Read on to ensure that you don't overlook anyone who should be on your gift list. And if you start feeling a little frustrated and exhausted at the mere thought of having to shop for gifts, worry not -- we've got some excellent tips and ideas which will take the guess work out of gift giving, making it much easier than you likely ever imagined it could be.

What to Know Before Choosing a Wedding Photographer
Many couples approach the selection of their wedding photographer almost as an after-thought. They tend to get so caught up with all the really fun wedding details their guests will see - like the cake, the wedding decor, the gown, etc. - and they often don't consider, until its too late, that selecting the right wedding photographer is just as important.

Why? The photographer you choose to capture the moments of your wedding on film will play a very significant role in what is likely to be the single most important day of your life. Consider this: Long after the band stops playing, the guests have gone home, the flowers have wilted, all that will remain are memories and photographs.

With this in mind you'll want to take put some care into selecting a wedding photographer. Many couples underestimate the importance of carefully selecting a good photographer, randomly picking a name from the telephone book, believing that one wedding photographer is as good as the next. Later, when the day they have waited a lifetime for has come and gone, and the pictures are developed, sometimes disappointment begins to set in.

Wedding Customs, Traditions, and Rituals...
Traditions and customs... weddings are filled with them. "Something old, something blue..." and all that stuff! It's more than just trivia; Have you ever stopped to wonder what on earth all of these wedding traditions and rituals actually mean and where or how they originated?

Most of these rituals and traditions have endured the test of time, having emerged centuries ago. How fascinating is that? How is it that they survive?

These wedding traditons and customs have historically been maintained over the years and handed down through the centuries because such traditions carry with them the promise that they will bring happiness and good fortune to the couple at this transitional time in their life - and who could be brave enough to tamper with that?

But more than this, by including wedding traditions, customs, or rituals in your wedding, you can make it more meaningful by choosing traditions that speak to you in some personal way. It's almost magical to include traditions and customs in your wedding that date back hundreds of years, knowing that couples for generation upon generation before you have included the same rituals in their weddings. These traditions are the thread that ties us to history. They are like a gift from the past. Incuding some of these wedding traditions in your wedding will enhance your wedding experience, and at the very least, reading about them will fascinate, amaze, and maybe even amuse you...