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More Wedding Planning Help for you

How to Understand a Groom
You're about to marry the man of your dreams and life should be perfect, but it's NOT! What has happened to that kind, thoughtful guy you fell in love with? He seems withdrawn, uncooperative and a bit grumpy. What's going on here?

Is it possible that he was thinking home and family, and you were thinking, "I get to be a BRIDE!"?

Back when your groom was a little boy he probably never put on his dad's suit coat and played 'groom'. He didn't have a groom doll. He didn't have groom paper dolls. But somewhere in your past you probably played bride with some lace curtains and one of mom's old slips. You may have had a bride Barbie and spent hours setting up the perfect doll wedding.

Real Brides Views on Wedding Gowns
It's a great wedding dress and is very flattering. I'm a bigger girl so finding wedding dresses to try on that were flattering was a great thing.

So, should I wait and try on more wedding dresses until I find one that makes me cry? I think I'm holding back emotionally until I find *THE* dress, but how do I know when it's *THE* dress??

Sorry if I rambled too much....I'm just really confused".

"I think you should keep trying on more wedding dresses. If you keep coming back to this one, then it's the one. I tried on lots and lots of wedding dresses, and in the end I bought one of the first ones I tried on. After I tried it on, I compared every other wedding dress to it, and none of them measured up".

What You Should Know Before Shopping for Rings
For many couples, the selection of the diamond engagement ring and wedding rings will be their first experience in purchasing expensive, fine jewelry. As with many areas of wedding preparations, this lack of experience may leave you feeling a little bewildered and vulnerable. You'll want to make sure you have a fairly good understanding of what is involved in purchasing a diamond in order to ensure that you receive the highest value for your dollar and in order to avoid being taken advantage of due to your inexperience. Lets's run through a quick crash course!

When to shop for rings Wedding rings should be selected and purchased 6 -12 months before your wedding. This will allow you plenty of time to shop in a non-panicked environment for quality and value in your rings. It will also ensure that your rings arrive in time for your wedding in the event that they need to be special ordered or sized. In my many years of experience in dealing with brides and grooms, I've known of numerous cases where couples put off shopping for their wedding rings for far too long and as a result their rings did not arrive in time for the wedding date. In such cases, other rings had to be substituted, which takes much of the meaning away from the entire ceremony and experience. In many religions, a special part of the wedding ceremony is the blessing of the rings - a ritual for which it is really important to have the actual wedding rings present!

What to Know When Selecting Your Wedding Musicians
Many brides are overwhelmed by having to make 2,156 decisions in planning their wedding ceremonies and receptions to ensure their absolutely perfect wedding day. What to choose: silver or gold table linens; chicken or salmon; pink roses or delphiniums?

As a professional Chicago pianist and wedding musician for over 21 years, I have been a significant part of thousands of celebrations that included “behind the scenes” negotiations, phone discussions, music selections, rehearsals, recommendations for additional vendors, etc. Particular brides were searching for only the best, and I’d like to share suggestions in how you can do the same to ensure that your special day be memorable, beautiful, and special.

Preserving Your Bridal Bouquet
Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding and spends months, sometimes years, planning - all for that one special day she will remember and cherish for her entire life.

Preserved Bridal Bouquet Traditionally there have only been a few ways to preserve those memories so your children and grandchildren could experience that cherished moment in your life. Recently a new industry has emerged making it possible to preserve a part of your wedding for a lifetime.

Specialists can preserve your wedding bouquet, the same flowers you walked down the isle with, through a space-age process called freeze drying. This process extracts the water from your flowers using a special machine. The flowers maintain their shape, color and smell, and will last for a lifetime. Most professionals will then reassemble your bouquet and mount it in an oval frame with a special dome for you and your family to cherish forever.

Plan Your Wedding In No Time
In the world of wedding planning there are two very distinct types of brides. In one corner we have those that delight in fussing over even the most minuscule wedding details, regardless of the endless time it consumes, seeming to enjoy the process as much as they do the end result. And in the other corner there are those busy brides who either simply don't have that kind of time, or just aren't into obsessing over details - they just want to get the job done so they can get on with the celebration.

Plan Your Wedding... In No Time by-passes the "fru-fru", getting you right down to the nitty-gritty of wedding planning. The average wedding takes about 250 hours to plan, making it rather like a second job for the typical bride-to-be. This presents quite the challenge for many of todays's brides, who are often juggling a whole whack of existing demands on their time, which can range from career responsibilities to children.

Wedding Planning Software:Changing the Way Weddings Are Planned
Wedding planning has come a long way since I got my start as a professional wedding planner in 1991. Back then, few people had ever heard of the internet, or of wedding planning software (software for planning a wedding); now it seems that everybody who has a wedding to plan is using both. At least that's certainly the case for smart and savvy couples who want to simplify the wedding planning process, stay sane and organized through all of those countless details, and avoid those wedding disaster stories we have all heard. Wedding planning software has made wedding planning way easier than it used to be, back in the day.

If there's one thing I've learned through my years in the business it is this - the more well organized a couple is while planning their wedding, the more they enjoy the process, and the less stress they experience. That's how wedding planning should be, but it rarely is.

Wedding Etiquette Issues
With the 21st century well under way, a new wedding etiquette has been emerging out of necessity. The world is a drastically different place than it was in the days of Emily Post and, as such, the rules of wedding etiquette have gradually become modified to conform to common sense in the world in which we now live.

Make no mistake, wedding etiquette is still very much alive, it's just a little different than it was a century ago. In this fast paced world where people are often self absorbed, abrupt, inconsiderate, or downright rude, etiquette remains a necessity to ensure that our social skills do not fall too far out of hand.

Hot New Trend: The Honeymoon Gift Registry
More couples today are getting married after they have lived on their own and are established in apartments or homes. They have many of the household items that are traditional wedding gifts, such as pots & pans, toasters and dishes. Thus the nature of bridal registry has been changing. One offspring solution to this problem is honeymoon registry.

Honeymoon Registry Services offer a solution for these couples and their friends and family wishing to buy them meaningful wedding gifts.

After a couples' honeymoon has been planned, the honeymoon registry service can take those plans and put it into a registry list, just like a registry list that you would find at a department store. But instead of the list containing household items, it contains pieces of a couples' honeymoon. Not only do guests have the opportunity to help them pay for airfare and resort accommodations, but they can also buy romantic gifts, such as a candlelit dinner or an exciting afternoon of scuba diving. The items on honeymoon registry lists can include activities or "extras" that the couple would like to do on their honeymoon, the beginning of their new life together. Gifts are broken down into not only airfare and hotel, but also any activity that couples wish to do on their honeymoon. These activities may include items such as breakfast in bed, a champagne welcome, scuba diving, horseback riding, ski lift tickets, casino chips, tickets to shows and much, much more.

Insurance Advice for Newlyweds
Starting a new life together is exciting, but can also be a bit overwhelming. There's a world of new responsibilities, including newly shared financial obligations. Amidst all the celebrating and well wishes, developing a sound financial plan that includes adequate protection against life's unforeseen risks is extremely important.

Though not a topic most newlyweds want to spend a lot of time thinking about, the chance of dying prematurely and leaving behind a loved one is a risk that no married person should ignore. So how do young couples know how much and what kind of life insurance they need? The best way to determine your individual insurance needs is to carefully review your financial situation and objectives with an insurance advisor.

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