Saturday, October 30, 2010

Elegant Halloween Wedding Inspiration

In the spirit of Halloween...
I present a few elegant (read: NOT cheesy!) Halloween wedding inspiration boards.

And for those of you who don't love the idea of having orange as a wedding color, I present two black and red gothic inspiration boards:

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Save Money on Your Wedding

  • Engagement Photograph Have a friend use a digital camera to take several great shots. All you have to pay for is the prints.

  • Use EVite for invitations for events such as the bridal shower or bachelorette party. Works especially well if your friends and family frequently use the internet.

  • Shop in bulk, try Costco, Sam's Club, and party outlet stores.

  • Use an MP3 Player or iPod instead of hiring a DJ.

  • Library wedding books can be great sources of inspiration and you don't have to pay for them!

  • Don't rush into booking vendors before discussing things with your groom and other key players of your wedding.

  • Choose a smaller bridal party, this equals less costs for bouquets, gifts, and transportation.

  • List every item on your budget and add a reserve for miscellaneous for things such as tips.

  • Venue capacity. Make sure the number of guests you are having will fit!

  • Your wedding gown should be ordered according to the manufacturer's measurements. Don't get caught up on the fact that it might not be your usual size

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Freedom to Choose Again

The spiritual world, as you would imagine, occupies a fair percentage of my thinking, pondering and contemplating. And it seems to me that this life, this world, is all about choices, i.e. this or that, up or down, light or dark, peace or pain. But, isn’t that what this world, Earth, is all about? Duality. Left and right, hot and cold, night and day, ebb and flow, you and me.

We came here to experience choices. We are so loved and so free that we can choose whatever we want to experience. And change our mind at any time – I might add. Change our mind at any time. We have the freedom to choose again.

Let’s bring that down a little closer. We choose how to handle each moment. We can get irritated when a driver cuts us off in traffic or goes too slow in front of us or we can excuse them because they didn’t know we were in a hurry. I can’t control the other driver but I can control my thoughts about them.

We could choose to be insulted by a remark or not accept the thought into our consciousness. We can turn off the tickle button so we don’t have to writhe on the floor and be in painful laughter (which isn’t funny).

We could pause and hold a door for the person behind us or let it slam in their face. We always have a choice AND we can always choose again and again.

This world is based on time. We can use it to our advantage or let it diminish us. I have the freedom to be blind or to see into my brothers, past their masks and fears and into the deepest corners of their hearts where love lives; where the presence of God is whole and complete, perfect in every way.

How will I choose today? What will I choose to experience?

Jeshua could see the wheat already ripe even as the plant was beginning to grow. He knew the perfection that was and is at the core of every person; that same perfection that was and is in Him. He chose to see health instead of sickness, life instead of death, wholeness, joy, peace, kindness, and love. He simply choose what He wanted to experience. And then did.

No matter what choice I make, I can always choose again and again and again. I have that freedom and so do you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tour of Best Events Showroom

Today I took a tour of the Best Events Showroom and Design Center, as well as their banquet hall (both located in Janesville, WI). The Showroom is filled with displays of the available rentals they offer for weddings and other events. A beautiful, colorful array of linens adorned every table, and each was topped with elegant place settings and centerpieces. The best part about this showroom: everything in it is available to rent for your wedding!!!! And the staff who work at the showroom are knowledgable and friendly. Great place for brides to go, even if it is only for a little inspiration.

I also visited the Best Events Banquet Hall today. Again...beautiful! It is a large space, with catering and a bar on-site. This space is a must-see for anyone who is searching for a suitable reception space.