Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wedding Affair Outlaws - Wanted Dead or Alive!

For quite some time, we've been looking at ways to work with the absolutely fabulous Papakata team Their teepees are truly stunning and when they suggested having our next networking event a couple of nights before their latest Open Weekend, we jumped at the opportunity. And wow - what a night it was!

We always tailor the event to the venue which is hosting the networking - it's a fantastic way of sharing the history or having a great talking point. In this case, as we were going to be in these beautiful teepees for the evening, it made sense to have a Cowboys and Indian theme - and so The Wedding Affair Outlaws and the Papakata Posse were born.

As you'll see from these fabulous photographs, taken by James Melia - - the teepees looked absolutely stunning. We had 96 Wedding Suppliers and Venues book their place and I believe around 88 were able to make it on the night.

A huge thank you to Fiona from for the beautiful floral decorations.

Our sessions can never really be described as 'normal' as we genuinely believe that it's much better to network in a fun, relaxed environment - and that's where the entertainment comes in. Think hilarious photobooth sessions, highly competitive but seriously enjoyable Blackjack and Roulette tables courtesy of two rather handsome but incredibly skilled guys flairing cocktails and all accompanied by the gorgeous voice of Cara Jemison, professional singer



Still thinking that we do 'normal' networking sessions? Add in optional fancy dress, and a fantastic, ridiculously tasty 'Papakata' cake courtesy of Elaine and it was a seriously fun night. Top outfit of the night does have to be awarded to the lovely Lee from LMX Creative - what do you think of this outfit? Pure genius!

Final shout out has to be for the gorgeous Jo Bilham, Make-Up Artist  - she did a fabulous job of making Lisa and I look glamorous in our cowgirl outfits. Thank you Jo!

It was a brilliant night and the event carried on much later than it should have done - we hope this is a sign that everyone else enjoyed it as much as we did!



Keep your eyes peeled for our next networking evening - who's up for a Christmas party? And when we say party, you should know that we mean party! See you there!