Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creating A Barbecue Wedding Theme

If you talk to the American people think that eating burgers and Hotdogs in the outdoor cooks to grill in a large apron with lots of forks and skewers. This is not something that lends itself immediately to the wedding theme. However, there is very little that you can see some basic ideas that are more than reasonable. For example, you can use the barbecue as a jumping off point for a broader theme; Texas, the cowboy, the beaches of Hawaii or American Independence Day firework axis.

BBQ, boiled down to its component parts, and you go out and start over. I think that for the United States, with a bold red, white and blue. Dinner colorful plastic trestle tables, garden flowers, and - of course - lots and lots of food, homecooked! We now have a good start now: set the red and white tablecloths, check the setup with plastic or paper, cups and utensils to the mood or style even more so that you can use. sheets of tin and enamel if you can get them. Works well with paper napkins and disposable tableware. But if you go for the old-fashioned way, consider using cloth instead Bandanas; Silverware wrapped in a shroud and a short piece of string, twine, or coarse.

Centrepieces for weddings, BBQ's, if you are on a tight budget! All you need is the canning jar with fresh water and flower gardens. Do not use exotic blooms or you will lose the effect. Wrap the ribbon around the bottle and check out some of the bow tie and you are in the middle of the picturesque. For something a bit bolder, use small clay pots with a large sunflower or red Geraniums in them to add a splash of brightness to your table. The gingham check ribbon tied around the pot or jar, to tie everything together. Potted plants, in particular for a great party favor for all of you to go with them at the end of the receiver.

You also can use canning jars to light - just add a bit of sand in the bowl and pop the thick white candles in the sand to hold them in place. The travel of the bottles and put them wherever you can; If the ceremony is outdoors, you can walk in with a wire or something to them and hang them on top of beams and posts or tree branches for outdoor weddings. Paper lamps also work well as an antique hanging lamp if you can get them.

Consider getting some old metal tub instead of a traditional bar that will serve your drinks. Fill sink with ice and canned or bottled beverages for problem solving, innovation and fun. I feel for the countryside, you can get a hold of some straw or hay bales for seating, especially near the dance floor. For general design of the colors red, white and blue balloons and streamers to the wedding hall or around the tent. If you have an outdoor wedding reception, you can also go for a fire and roasting marshmallows at sunset with a bright, fun for children. Fireworks are also ideal for those who are younger. (Or a small-at-heart), keep an eye on safety as well as up and you're sure to get your marriage started with a bang!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Unique Wedding Cake Flavors

Unique wedding cake flavors are never-ending varieties. It becomes really confusing the couple to come down to only one flavor for the cake. I have to undergo this similar dilemma for selecting the perfect and unique flavor for the wedding cakes.

I began searching about the latest trends for the flavors. I prepared the list of the flavors which would be a possible choice for the cakes. I also discussed about these unique flavors with my partner and the friends. They suggested me the best option among them.

Based on this discussion, I selected a very unique wedding cakes flavors for the cake which was a lemon black berry cake. The next step that I undertook is to surf the internet and find out information and recipe for preparing a lemon black berry cake.

In order to begin, I tired preparing this cake at a small scale at the home before making the final attempt for the ceremony. This will also prepare a very beautiful wedding cake for the ceremony. When my attempts to prepare this cake were successful after three unsuccessful attempts, my friends gave me full marks for my fourth attempt.

This boosted up my confidence to prepare a huge cake for more than two hundred guests to be expected to come for the wedding. Later on I sat down to decide about the decoration that can be used to bring out beautiful and alluring effect to the cake.

Some accessories were prepared on my own with the help of fondant. I prepared some lovely flowers for the purpose of decoration. I also visited the local bakeries to find out some beautiful toppers that would match the type of cake prepared by you.

You can go in for the traditional approach for the decorating the cake or try out some innovative ideas. There are toppers available which would resemble the bride and groom. They are available in different poses.

Accessories which are relevant to the different themes can be used for decorating the cake. I hope my experiences would be very helpful for you all to go in for a unique wedding cake flavor.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dream Honeymoon in the Bahamas

The most exhilarating way to start your married life is to go to the Bahamas for your honeymoon. You can taste bliss as you sip frosty drinks on a soft sand beach. After the hectic activity of an exciting wedding you will find a new meaning of relaxation on a Bahamian holiday. There's no better way to start the new phase of your life than enjoying the fun, sun, and each other. 

While planning your wedding you should give equal importance to the planning of your honeymoon as well. If you don't, you might have to resort to the traditional holiday and spend more than your budget permits. After the stressful events of the wedding you are likely to feel exhausted, annoyed and tense. A honeymoon should be a relaxing holiday for the two of you when you can leave all the problems behind and focus on your new relationship. 

Make sure that you have enough money to take care of your honeymoon, as the honeymoon is as important as the wedding itself. You can also think of other ways to secure your honeymoon in Bahamas by choosing to take a Bahamas holiday trip instead of the traditional gifts such as the household items. In keeping with the trends there are many websites that have come up with a provision of registering for a holiday instead of the usual gifts. 

Once you make up your mind on going to the Bahamas for your honeymoon, you will find various destinations, resorts, hotels, and vacation options to choose from. You can explore these options on the World Wide Web or consult your local travel agent to find the best vacation for you and is within your budget. Planning your wedding and honeymoon together can reduce the pressures and stresses of wedding planning to a great extent.

Many couples choose to take advantage of all inclusive resorts for their Bahamian holiday. These resorts are excellent ways to enjoy all aspects of the fun and sun of the islands while on a thrifty budget. All inclusive resorts include food and activity costs with the tradition room fees. Couples especially love these all inclusive resorts since they do not have to worry with keeping up the costs of food and sticking to their pre set budgets. 

You can also enjoy your honeymoon on a cruise to Bahamas. And if you think that cruise is meant for the old and not so happening, you need to take a reality check as the cruise liners these days are bustling with vibrant and vivacious people. Not just this, but also the cruise liners boast of hip and happening night life, sumptuous cuisine and a gamut of entertainment options. 

Bahamas wins hands down as the locale for a destination wedding. There couldn't be a place more exotic than this for exchanging the heartfelt vows. This also gives you the perfect excuse to include your close ones in your holiday plans. Bahamas also scores with families having children, as the children love the sea and sand that Bahamas offers.

All in all, the Bahamas is a great choice for your honeymoon destination. It's the best way to start your new life together. This beautiful island will open out to you as you relax on the beach, or indulge in the numerous activities. However, make sure you plan your Bahamian holiday properly. For more Information on Honeymoon packages Read Kalka to Shimla

How to decorate Unique Wedding Cakes

Unique Wedding Cakes

It was not at all a simple walk for me when I thought of ordering a simple wedding cake and decorate it on my own. Hence, I thought of sharing my experience with you all to help all of you who have taken up similar initiative.

I began my journey for decoration of the wedding cakes by collecting the information about the different wedding cakes that are available. There were pictures of unique wedding cakes which were available. Besides these, I surfed various websites and recipe books to get information about the different wedding cake designs and tips for the decorating the cake.

It would also inform you about the latest trends and accessories which would be used for the purpose of decorating the cake. One should go through the different trinkets that are available to accessorize your cake.

I selected the best one which would be required for the cake. You can try out preparing the trinkets on your own. This will help you to save the money spend on the purchasing these accessories.

Flowers are an excellent option to decorate your cake. While selecting the accessories, you can go in for only those that would complement well with the theme for the ceremony. There are plenty of options which are required for decorating the wedding cake.

After collecting the necessary details, the next step that I undertook was to prepare an outline of the cake and the decoration on it using my ideas. I did this with the help of the online tools available for the purpose. This gave me a brief idea about the appearance of the cake after its completion.

Besides these, I also tried out to write up some message in the form of artistic calligraphy on the cake. All these would be really helpful for decorating the wedding cake. Once the designs and the plan for decoration have been finalized, I consulted a cake designer for the same. He advised me some changes in the plan and the final outcome was as desired.

The decoration done on my cake was the point of discussion at the party and got plenty of compliments for the same. The ideas discussed here will help you to decorate your unique wedding cakes.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Before you love, learn to run through the snow leaving no footprint ..... (Turkish Proverb)

 Anyone we've worked with knows that we like to plan, and I mean really like to plan!

There is usually a phenomenal amount of work in ensuring that our photo shoots are as fabulous as they can be, so Tuesday's Winter Wonderland shoot was certainly something different for us. It started around about Monday lunchtime when Lisa calmly said 'How do you fancy doing a photo shoot tomorrow? It would be such a shame to miss the snow'.  Well, you see, that's another thing about us - we can't resist a challenge and there was no answer other than yes!

So within the space of 3 hours, Lisa had sorted everything for our mini photo shoot. We were incredibly lucky that the fabulous Helen Guy Make-Up Artist had already booked the equally fabulous Jim Poyner to take some promotional shots for her so we asked them if they would kindly switch location to the stunning Sutton Park Stately Home, just outside of York. We love this venue and we know you will do once you've seen these gorgeous winter wonderland pictures.

Beautiful isn't it? Well feast your eyes on these pictures and indulge in our Winter Wonderland...


Amy looks absolutely beautiful in this gorgeous Justin Alexander dress, shoes and accessories, available from Mia Sposa, York. 

It's so difficult to choose, but for me personally, this is one of my favourite shots...

OK - I've sneaked in a 'behind the scenes' shot, but doesn't she just look gorgeous? Absolutely freezing cold and still smiling - well done Amy!

She wasn't our only beautiful model for the day though. Here's Jess, in another gorgeous Justin Alexander dress and accessories from Mia Sposa, York. 

What an amazing job Helen has done with the hair and make-up. We wanted a look that was a little more dramatic than normal and she captured it perfectly.


It wouldn't be a Wedding Affair photo shoot without the hugely talented Elaine from Cakes for All Occasions Yorkshire... Her winter wonderland cake and cupcakes were stunning and oh so delicious...  the team could certainly testify to that!!

We'd like to say a huge Wedding Affair thank you to the following people for helping us create such a fabulous shoot in such a short time!

Venue - Sutton Park -
Models - Amy Martin and Jess Johnston
Dresses and Jewellery - Mia Sposa, York -
Photography - Jim Poyner Photography -
Hair and Make-Up - Helen Guy -
Cake and Cupcakes - Cakes For All Occasions Yorkshire -
Flowers - Alice & Rose Floral -
Weddington Boots & Styling - The Wedding Affair -

If you are interested in holding your wedding ceremony and/or reception at Sutton Park, please feel free to email and we can send you further information about this hidden gem!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Yummy Fondant Wedding Cakes

Fondant wedding cakes are very popular as it provides the desired texture to your cake and can decorate it. You can easily create a design on the cake as per your choice. There are ample sources of cakes. Some of these sources include online websites, magazines and bakeries.

Although, the fondant icing is very expensive, it has some advantages. . It helps in the proper binding of the ingredients used in the cake as well as in preservation of the cake. It also facilitates the decoration of the cake. You can easily decorate the cake with the help of flowers prepared of fondant or many other accessories that are available.

You can make your own fondant cake. There are plenty of options to choose from. There are some specially designed cakes for themed weddings. You can go in for the best design that would satisfy all your requirements related to the cake.

You can either go in for a single layered cake or go in for an elaborative multi-layered cake for the ceremony. You can easily prepare the cake at your home. You can bake a cake of your choice. The shape of the cake could be either round or square shaped.

Besides these, you can go in for some other shapes such as oval or hexagonal shapes. You can go in for icing of fondant for the cake. These cakes are very popular for winter wedding theme. You can go in for some amazing designs of winter wedding cakes that are available.

There many different methods to apply icing to the cake. They include rolled fondant, pouring the fondant on the cake, or sculpting the fondant as per the desired texture for your cake. The decision for the perfect option would be taken by the baker.

You can bring about some different textures and designs for the cake. However, while placing the icing on the cake, you should be careful that there won’t be any bubbles or cracks while applying it. You have to also make sure that the cake is properly cooled before applying icing on it.

The ideas outlined here will help you to bring about the best fondant wedding cakes for the ceremony.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Win an Engagement Shoot with the fabulous Richard Wynn Davies Photography!

Valentine's Day...

Supposedly the most romantic day of the year (although shouldn't we make the same effort all the time?)  One fabulous thing about Valentine's Day is the proposal stories and we're not the only ones who love them.

The fabulous Richard Wynn Davies Photography have launched a competition to win an engagement shoot with them and trust us, this is a prize you will want to win. They are being extra generous and giving 5 lucky brides and grooms a prize. Wow!! We thought the best way to explain it was to use Richard and Caroline's words and they have been lovely enough to share their own proposal with us (we have to say well done to Richard - it was beautifully executed!)...

 'We love proposal stories. Some are funny, others romantic, others just plain ridiculous. Most are simple and heart-warming. When we spend quality time with new clients, often strolling around on their engagement shoot, it’s one of the first things we ask about. It helps to get them feeling all romantic for a start, and as I said, we love to hear everyone’s’ story, from how they met to their first date to popping the question.
It will hopefully not have escaped your notice that Valentine’s day is nearly upon us, and to celebrate we are giving away 5 fabulous prizes of an engagement shoot with us, and a £100 voucher to spend on printed photographs, digital files, albums or frames. The only pre-requisite to enter is that you need to be engaged and planning to marry within the next couple of years. Because, you see, we would like your proposal stories.
Don’t worry!!! It doesn’t have to be weird, wacky, witty, or wild (although fine if it is!). And we don’t need an epic unless you fancy writing one. Every proposal story is unique. Feel free to tell us as much or as little as you like. Where/when/how? Who did the proposing? What was the reaction? How quickly afterwards did your bookshelf resemble the wedding magazine rack at WH Smiths?!

Entering is easy peasy. Click on this link to go to our wedding homepage, then click on “Valentine’s Competition” and away you go!

To get you thinking, here is my story of when Richard proposed to me!

First thing’s first I was not expecting it …at all!  An early holiday in April took us to the gorgeous Spring sunshine of Cornwall.  A week of exploring coastal paths led us to some of the most beautiful deserted beaches and stunning landscapes  and evenings saw us enjoying great food, local ciders and visiting many cosy village pubs (as long as they had Sky and it wouldn’t be too hard for a certain someone to sneak a look at the football scores).

So to the proposal – we had been walking along the coastal path a few miles from Sennen Cove, when we spotted one of the deserted beaches I mentioned earlier. There was no path we could see so we decided to take a more perilous route over a swathe of rocks to the soft sand and turquoise sea below. It was stunning to say the least.

We sat on a rock, and dipped our toes into the (freezing) sea,  Richard was sat behind me whilst I splashed about.  He  said my name in that tone of voice I know so well, I didn’t turn around,  I just said “no, you’re not watching the match tonight!”.  So he said my name again and this time I did turn around to find him holding what suspiciously looked like a diamond ring! I’ll forgive him the clear absence of a bended knee. To be honest I can’t really remember what he said next as I think I went into shock, but I’m assuming  it was something along the lines of “will you marry me.”  So naturally I burst into tears and said “Yes”!

Oh yes, and then I fumbled the ring and came within a whisker of dropping it in the water. If you know me, that is fairly typical. Good job our camera lenses are shock proof.

So what are you waiting for? Share your proposal story to be in with a chance of winning such a fabulous prize. We're a little bit gutted we can't enter really!

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