Monday, February 6, 2012

Yummy Fondant Wedding Cakes

Fondant wedding cakes are very popular as it provides the desired texture to your cake and can decorate it. You can easily create a design on the cake as per your choice. There are ample sources of cakes. Some of these sources include online websites, magazines and bakeries.

Although, the fondant icing is very expensive, it has some advantages. . It helps in the proper binding of the ingredients used in the cake as well as in preservation of the cake. It also facilitates the decoration of the cake. You can easily decorate the cake with the help of flowers prepared of fondant or many other accessories that are available.

You can make your own fondant cake. There are plenty of options to choose from. There are some specially designed cakes for themed weddings. You can go in for the best design that would satisfy all your requirements related to the cake.

You can either go in for a single layered cake or go in for an elaborative multi-layered cake for the ceremony. You can easily prepare the cake at your home. You can bake a cake of your choice. The shape of the cake could be either round or square shaped.

Besides these, you can go in for some other shapes such as oval or hexagonal shapes. You can go in for icing of fondant for the cake. These cakes are very popular for winter wedding theme. You can go in for some amazing designs of winter wedding cakes that are available.

There many different methods to apply icing to the cake. They include rolled fondant, pouring the fondant on the cake, or sculpting the fondant as per the desired texture for your cake. The decision for the perfect option would be taken by the baker.

You can bring about some different textures and designs for the cake. However, while placing the icing on the cake, you should be careful that there won’t be any bubbles or cracks while applying it. You have to also make sure that the cake is properly cooled before applying icing on it.

The ideas outlined here will help you to bring about the best fondant wedding cakes for the ceremony.

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