Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wedding Trend: Ombré!

And what exactly is ombré?  Ombré is the graduation of color from light to dark.

It is also a stunning trend in weddings!

Gwen Stephanie was one of the first to incorporate this graduation of color when she wore a pink ombré wedding dress in 2002.  It is predicted that ombré elements will be a big trend in 2012 weddings.  Check out inspiration for ways to incorporate ombré into any aspect of a wedding.

I love this tablecloth!

Bridesmaids will be radiant in ombré dresses of any color.

If you or your 'maids wants to incorporate the ombré look in a more subtle way, consider your accessories: shoes, nails, and jewelry.

Set the tone for your wedding by sending ombré invitations to your guests.

Create a dramatic look for your reception by filling the space with ombré details, or choose just one element to apply this effect on.
Soft up-lighting can give the walls of your reception space the appearance of ombré.

Make a statement with bold ombré centerpieces.

Add drama to your look with an ombré bouquet.

Let guest view your stunning ombré wedding cake, then let them eat ombré cake on the inside too!

Love this idea, or have other ideas that you want help incorporating into your wedding?
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Why People Love in Winter White Wedding Cakes

You are on a look out for some really relishing and yummy cakes that would contain the magical charm of drawing eyeballs. You can go in for some designer wedding cakes with some elegant artistic designs in it.

There are many different shapes, sizes, and flavors of white wedding cakes that are available. Some couples go in for traditional white cakes for the winter wedding. White is the most common choice for selecting the winter wedding cake. The main reason for going in for white wedding cake is that it resembles the snow during winter.

The cakes have to be selected related to the theme selected for the wedding ceremony. You can go in for some of the realistic designs for the cake. There are plenty of designs to select from. It becomes really difficult for the couple to narrow down to one particular cake and select it.

You have to go through all the possible varieties of cakes that are available and select one among them. The white cake would also do wonders when you decorate with seasonal flowers or with some wonderful designs on them.

You can try out some innovations in the cake. For instance, you can go in for the cakes in the shape of the Santa Claus, Christmas tree or a huge multi- layered cake in the shape of Christmas gift. You can decorate the cake with the help of cake toppers and icing which looks similar to snowflakes. Besides these, you can go in for using ribbons of various colors or small sculptures of the animals found in colder regions of the world.

White color can go in with any other colors. Hence, you can select the cake in a combination of two or more colors. You can refer to the pictures of the different cakes to get ideas for your cake. It would also update you about recent trends of cakes that can be chosen for the winter wedding.

White wedding cakes are easily available and cost less in comparison to the other varieties of wedding cakes. The ideas mentioned here will inform you about the reasons for the increasing popularity of the winter wedding cakes.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Unique Cake Accessories Ideas

Christmas is a season of celebration and party time. Many couples prepare to organize their wedding during this season. There are two main benefits of doing this. You can have all your loved ones and friends attend your wedding and save the money spent on decorations.

For the Christmas themed weddings, you can go in for the decorations which can be either placed on the cakes or sprinkled on it. You can use various types of items for decoration such as figurines, replicas of Santa Claus, Christmas trees or animals. You can also use jewelry for the purpose of decorating the cake.

There are accessories also available that are relevant to themes such as for western wedding cakes. You can go in for cow boy hats, horse shoe accessories and many more. You can go in for some humorous cake toppers in the shapes of snow man or bride and the groom in funny poses.

You can decorate the cake with the help of various readymade tools available in the market. Some of the most commonly used tool for decoration of the cake is the stencil with some artistic or floral designs.

Flowers are also largely used for the decoration. Since, it is winter wedding; you should go in for some seasonal flowers and berries. You can also prepare the flowers of edible material in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Some couple also prefers to use calligraphic designs on the cakes. You can also go in for writing a lovely quote or message for your partner on the cake. There are many accessories such as edible pearls, heart shapes, or artistic accessories available in the market.

You can purchase them and use it on your christmas wedding cake. There are some edible paints and accessories also available in various shapes. You have to confirm whether it suits your cake design and only then go for it. Some of them also go in for icing their cake and use it as decoration. You can go in for icings in any color, flavor, and style.

The unique cake accessories provided here will help you to land up with some amazing ideas for decorating your cake.

Delicious Fruit Cake Recipe

Fruit Cake

Mixed fruit cakes have become outdated one. However, you can decorate your cake with fresh fruits of your choice. Today, couples are on a look out for cakes that are trendier and unusual. The cake selected should be the star of the ceremony. It should be the point of discussion for the guests present at the venue.

You can either go in for ordering a fruit cake of your choice or can easily prepare it at home. It is very easy to prepare a fruit wedding cake. You have to follow the recipe for the cake. Fruit cakes are the popular choice among people regardless of the occasion. There are several varieties and designs of fruit wedding cakes that are available especially the Christmas wedding cakes.

Here we are providing you some simple ideas which would help you to prepare a fruit cake on your own. You have to firstly make arrangement of all the utensils and ingredients required for baking it.

The ingredients required for preparing a fruit cake includes one tablespoon of cinnamon, three eggs, half a cup of raisins, one tablespoon of baking powder, one cup fresh apple juice, two cups of all purpose flour, three fourth cup of unsalted butter and half cups of walnuts, and two tablespoon of dark corn syrup.

The procedure for preparing the fruit cake is as follows- You have to take a large mixing bowl and mix the ingredients such as flour, fruit juice, baking powder and spices included for the cake. Mix it properly till all its ingredients are properly blends with each other. The next step would be take a mixer and add butter, sugar, eggs and beat this mixture well. Then you have to add a bit of corn syrup it and beat it till, the ingredients are properly mixed.

Add this mixture to the earlier batter kept in the bowl. You should add some dry fruits such raisins and walnuts in it. You should properly stir the mixture till it forms a perfect batter for the cake.

You have to preheat the oven up to three hundred degrees F. Pour the batter in the pan you used for preparing the cake. Bake the batter for the cake for about one and half hour. The cake is ready to be used for the ceremony. You can use your own ideas and decorate the cake.

The recipe mentioned here will help you to bake your own fruit wedding cake and win plenty of compliments from your guests.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Creative Ideas for Fall Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are the primary concern for all the couples irrespective of the entire theme and the budget decided for the ceremony. They want their wedding cake to be the best in world and should draw attention of all the guests. Hence, couples put in a lot of efforts to select the cake for the ceremony.

As you have decided to go in for fall wedding cakes, check out the cake designs that would be relevant to this theme. There are numerous options for themed wedding cakes. You can consult your wedding planner and finalize a single design. While selecting the cake, you should check out some important factors such as the flavor, design and the shape of the cake. Check out pictures of wedding cake to get more ideas.

You can either go in for a simple cake in golden color or a simple decoration with golden leaves. These golden color leaves would resemble the dried leaves which are a common phenomenon during the fall season. You should try out the designs that would perfectly portray the nature during fall season. This would be relevant to the theme as well.

You can use the seasonal fruits such as berries and leaves to decorate the cake. You can also go in for edible accessories in the shape of flowers or leaves for decorating the cake. You can prepare your own personalized accessories using your own ideas.

The shape of the cake could be either a combination of two or more geometrical figures. You can also go in for the shape of the pillows stacked on top of each other or go in for simple shape such as square or round.

In case, you are going in for simple shaped wedding cake, you can make it more fascinating by bring about some beautiful quotes or calligraphy on them. You can also make some designs of leaves and flowers on them. An excellent idea would be to go in for the cakes in the shape of the nest. You can decorate the cakes with colorful birds and plants.

The creative ideas mentioned above will help you fetch the best fall wedding cake for the ceremony. It would help you to get some innovative designs for the cake.

Expenses You Forget to Include in Your Wedding Budget

Here are 7 “surprise” expenses that could pop up in your wedding budget (courtesy of Brides Magazine)
Plan ahead for these and you'll keep your budget right on track:

1) Tips  The limo driver, hairstylist, manicurist, delivery people, waiters, bartender, band or DJ and anyone else who provides services should receive tips.

2) Taxes  Most vendors will tell you the price of their products or services and say they are “plus tax.” Unfortunately, many brides don’t calculate how much that tax could actually be. Remember that sales tax applies on almost everything, both products and services, and should be included in your budget.

3) Additional postage fees  If you select an invitation that is bulky or has a square or over-sized envelope, you will need to pay more than the normal cost of first class postage to mail it.  Add to that the stamps for the RSVPs and postage could add up to be a hefty sum.

4) Alterations  Wedding dresses usually need alterations to fit perfectly. When you set your dress budget you should include enough for alterations, which can be expensive if you want or need a lot of changes made to your dress.
(Keep this in mind if you are considering a clearance dress.  Just because it is cheaper to start off with, does not mean that alteration fees won't shoot the price back up.  Plus, altering a dress too much can change the look of it!)

5) Corkage and cake-cutting fees  If you provide your own wine, the caterer will charge a corkage fee for pouring it.  If you use a baker who isn’t affiliated with the caterer, you will be charged a cutting fee for the service.

6) Cosmetic dentistry  You want your smile (and your grooms') to look its best for your wedding photos, so you may choose to invest in professional teeth whitening or additional work.  If this is something you are considering, add this to your wedding budget.

7) Change charges  If you have trouble making up your mind and makes changes to contracts with vendors, they may charge you to do it.  Don't make deposits or sign contracts until you are ready to make commitments.
(Sometimes this may mean waiting to sign contracts with a vendor even if they are offering a great deal at a bridal show.)

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The Color of the Year 2012 is...Tangerine Tango!

For all fashion forward brides:

It's official, Pantone has name Tangerine Tango as the color of 2012.  This color will be the IT color in fashion, home design, and yes, weddings.  According to Pantone, the choice of Tangerine Tango "provide(s) the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward."

For those unfamiliar with Pantone, a little background: Pantone LLC is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The wedding industry relies heavily on the Pantone color system for bridesmaid dresses, linens, and all other color items related to weddings.

Now to the good stuff!  What will Tangerine Tango look like in weddings?  Trendy brides may use Tangerine Tango as their main color, or could pair it with another color to add pizazz and pop.

One option would be to use Tangerine Tango as an accent color, while keeping all other decor white.  Additional colors can be used in this scheme, but should be kept to lighter hues to avoid competing with the red-orange color.

Bridesmaid dresses can really make a statement in Tangerine Tango, and you can find it in a variety of style to suit each of your girls.

Lounge furniture looks hot with a pop of Tangerine Tango!

Don't think that using Tangerine Tango means you can't have a traditional look for your wedding.  Roses in this color look romantic and traditional, while adding interest to classic white tables.

If you and your groom are fun, bright personalities, consider pairing Tangerine Tango with another color that creates drama and a stunning look to your wedding.  Tangerine Tango (or perhaps a lighter shade of orange) and Purple could create a fun, tropical sunset look.

For help creating the perfect look and finding the best vendors for your unique Green Bay wedding, contact Brittney at Power Wedding Planning. 

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Christmas Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes should reflect the theme and design for the wedding. The wedding cakes and its flavor are decided by the season and the theme selected for the ceremony. You can try out different wedding designs for the cakes. The Christmas wedding theme is the most popular wedding theme commonly selected for weddings.

There are plenty of thoughts options to choose from. You can get pictures and details about the different designs of cakes which can be selected for the Christmas theme. You can decorate cake with flowers, accessories and many other toppers.

There is no need to purchase a separate set of accessories for the cake. You can go in for the ones that were used for the Christmas celebration. You may get different varieties of chocolates, candies and other edible accessories for your Christmas Wedding cakes and cookies which can be used for the cake.

You can also go in for some personalized cake designs on the basis of your own requirements and ideas. You can develop it on your own or take inspirations from the already available cakes. The most common choice for Christmas wedding cake is white and red color combination.

You can decorate the cake with the help of the flowers, accessories and star shaped trimmings. You could decorate it with icing that would resemble the snow flakes. You can either prepare it or purchase it from the shops.

You can get ideas for the cake design for the Christmas wedding theme from your wedding planner, friends or baker. They would help you to bring about a unique design for your cake that would attract the attention of all your guests.

You can go in for some unique designs such as Christmas gifts or cake in the shape of Santa Claus or Christmas tree. You can use your artistic talents and decorate your cake as per your desire. You can just stack up layers of your white wedding cake and use some creative wedding cake jewelry for decoration.

The Christmas wedding cake ideas mentioned here will help you to get an extremely beautiful cake. It would also guide the couples for decorating the wedding cake.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tips to Stay on your Budget

Catering your wedding can be one of your largest expenses. Depending on your catering budget your guest list may either grow or get trimmed down. How do you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to catering? We have a few ideas that may help.
1. Make time to meet with several caterers. Interview them and ask for a tasting. Ask for ideas about what they can offer you that fits in your budget. (ALWAYS know what your catering budget will be!)
2. Choose items that will be in season during your wedding. Different fruits and vegetables are more readily at certain times of year. Ask your cater to help pick something that will cost less because it is readily available.
3. Maybe your caterer is already doing a nice chicken dish for another wedding the day before or after yours perhaps is you choose the same dish, you may be able to cut your costs (assuming the cater can get a better deal buying more of the same items in bulk). I can imagine two weddings for the same day and if yours has several of the same dishes as the other wedding, then your cater is only preparing those items once. Ask what other events they have booked near your wedding and what the menu is for those events.
4. Please don’t get exotic! Going to an event that has a soup that looks like cold snot and has a name you can’t even pronounce. it’s very difficult to enjoy the wedding when the food is strange. We know that it¹s nice to have unique foods to open our experiences but your guests don’t need to be forced to try new things because there isn’t anything else available. Plus, sticking with something traditional will most likely cost less and everyone can enjoy it.
5. Some venues require inside catering. Meaning they provide the catering to you. This is nice as it will cut down on your interviews for a caterer. Still, ask for a tasting you want to know what the food will taste like before you commit to feeding all your guests. You can usually use the above ideas, and may even save some money because you are doing everything at the same place.
6. If you still need to try and cut costs then stick with the basics. Don’t add on a bunch of options or extras. Also, serving sizes can have a large impact on your costs if your guests get to serve themselves, they may take more than they can eat. Ask for servers to dish out an appropriate amount to each guest. You can even decide early on to have more salad and less of the main course served.
Plated dinners are nice as everyone gets what is on the plate. Remember though, the staff time required to bring and clear the plates. When counting the number of people to feed remember to include your other “day of” vendors; photographer, wedding planner, DJ, Photo Booths, etc. Each of these people are working hard to make your wedding run smoothly.
Remember, your guests are coming to celebrate you and your wedding! They really shouldn’t care what is being served they should just happy to be there with you. Depending if you choose a plated meal or buffet type dinner, everyone will have an enjoyable time. And hopefully you won’t break the bank feeding your guests.

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Selecting the Perfect Cake for the Wedding Day

Your wedding has been finalized and you are off with the most complex task of planning your wedding.There are some aspirations and dreams about your wedding that you would like to fulfill. One among them is the wedding cake. You have always dreamed about your wedding cake to be unique, relishing, and to be a point of discussion after years of your marriage.

It is not at all a very difficult task to select a perfect wedding cake. This entire journey of landing up for the yummy cake could be easily done, if you take up an organized approach. Some important aspects which are to be checked out for selecting the perfect wedding cake for the ceremony are enlisted below:

The appearance of the cake:

You have to just take a break from the busy schedule of planning a wedding and think about the appearance of your wedding cake. You should try to visualize the cake, its appearance, and the decorations used. These visualizations can be discussed with your partner to land up to a perfect classy and beautiful cake.

Flavors for the cake:

There are many varieties of flavors that are available. You can try for some unusual flavors or a combination of two or more flavors. If is it is a multi- tier cake, you can go in for distinct flavors for each layer. This would help to bring about uniqueness and would cater to likings of all your guests present for the ceremony.

The size of the cake:

The cake size should be determined as per the number of guests expected for the ceremony. You can go in either for single layered or multi-layered cake as per your personal choice and the amount allocated for purchasing the cake.


You can check out the local listing of the bakers and select two to three among them. Discuss with them about your requirements and finalize the best deal. You can consult your relatives and other family members to find out information about the bakers in your region.

Decorations for the cake:

The decoration of the cake could be done with the help of the cake topper or some accessories relevant to the cake design and style.

Follow the ideas mentioned above to select a stunning and unique wedding cakes for the wedding day.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 - The Year of The Wedding...

OK, we all love a good celebrity wedding, let's be honest. We all want to know what the people with those limitless budgets spend them on... so as 2011 draws to an end, we're looking back on five of the best weddings of the year.

5...  A Royal Bride
No, not THAT one! This is the wedding of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, Royal bride and party loving rugby star. How on earth was their wedding going to live up to that of the real Royal Wedding, earlier in the year? Well it didn't, and that's part of why we like it so much. Zara and Mike seemed completely unfazed that they were in the limelight less - in all honesty, they probably appreciated it. 

So after having a very low key wedding ceremony in Edinburgh, with Zara in a beautiful Stewart Parvin dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, they partied away until the early hours with William, Catherine and Harry, and in fact it is alleged that they didn't return to their suite until the next afternoon! The one major break with tradition for Zara? She didn't take her husband's name, believed to be because of her equestrian career... a truly modern Royal bride, Zara, we salute you.

Image Courtesy of BBC News
4...  Once, twice, three times a bride!
No, we're not talking about a serial bride here - just Luisana Lopilato - or Mrs Michael Buble to the rest of us. If you think she looks familiar, that's because she starred in the video for 'Just Haven't Met You Yet' and ironically it was the first time they met. The first ceremony was in Buenos Aires with Luisana in a fashionable violet coloured, short mini-dress.

Image Courtesy of
Wedding two was a religious ceremony which took place 48 hours later, with 300 guests and the bride looking absolutely beautiful in a Sylvie Burstin gown....
And finally, wedding number three, in Vancouver, Canada, with 500 guests and a sublime gown by Argentinian designer Jorge Ibanez....

 We're quite impressed with Luisana - not only does she manage to marry one of the most eligible bachelors (breaking a million hearts in the process), but she does it three times.

3... So who could possibly take place number three? 
Well, this honour goes to our very own Kate Moss, with a fabulous vintage style country wedding, a three day festival reception and the coolest guest list ever. Enough said...

Image Courtesy of Mirror.Com
2...  Our Happy Ever After bride is Lily Allen
She's made no secret of the fact that she wanted to quit the showbiz lifestyle, move to the country and have a family, and she's finally shown us that dreams can come true. Her beautiful wedding dress was by French designer Delphine Manivet and this, along with a beaming smile from Lily, hid the secret that she and her new husband wanted to share at the reception - that they were expecting. Having already suffered two late miscarriages in recent years, this was the news everyone wanted to hear and we're delighted to confirm that although no official announcement has yet been made, Lily and Sam have allegedly given birth to a baby girl. What a fantastic year with a true fairytale ending....

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of Hji
1...  Well who else could it be? 
2011 was the year of Catherine Middleton and her prince and WOW, what a wedding it was. An already beautiful girl became an even more beautiful bride as she shared her ceremony with millions around the world, with a calm and poise that was truly amazing. Almost upstaged by her gorgeous sister (with a silhouette that any woman would kill for!) and with every choice being analysed and discussed, the pressure was phenomenal. But despite this, there wasn't a dry eye in the house as she married the man she loves, and now, the entire nation loves her in return. Two dresses, one Prince and most definitely our most favourite wedding of 2011.....

Image Courtesy of
Image courtesy of Otoloso
Courtesy of Getty Images
So, you may agree with us, you may not, but these are our top 5 weddings of 2011. We're looking forward to seeing what 2012 will bring.

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Winter Wedding Cakes

If you are having a winter wedding, consider letting the season influence your big day.  Need ideas?  Check out this collection of winter wedding cakes to help inspire you!