Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Expenses You Forget to Include in Your Wedding Budget

Here are 7 “surprise” expenses that could pop up in your wedding budget (courtesy of Brides Magazine)
Plan ahead for these and you'll keep your budget right on track:

1) Tips  The limo driver, hairstylist, manicurist, delivery people, waiters, bartender, band or DJ and anyone else who provides services should receive tips.

2) Taxes  Most vendors will tell you the price of their products or services and say they are “plus tax.” Unfortunately, many brides don’t calculate how much that tax could actually be. Remember that sales tax applies on almost everything, both products and services, and should be included in your budget.

3) Additional postage fees  If you select an invitation that is bulky or has a square or over-sized envelope, you will need to pay more than the normal cost of first class postage to mail it.  Add to that the stamps for the RSVPs and postage could add up to be a hefty sum.

4) Alterations  Wedding dresses usually need alterations to fit perfectly. When you set your dress budget you should include enough for alterations, which can be expensive if you want or need a lot of changes made to your dress.
(Keep this in mind if you are considering a clearance dress.  Just because it is cheaper to start off with, does not mean that alteration fees won't shoot the price back up.  Plus, altering a dress too much can change the look of it!)

5) Corkage and cake-cutting fees  If you provide your own wine, the caterer will charge a corkage fee for pouring it.  If you use a baker who isn’t affiliated with the caterer, you will be charged a cutting fee for the service.

6) Cosmetic dentistry  You want your smile (and your grooms') to look its best for your wedding photos, so you may choose to invest in professional teeth whitening or additional work.  If this is something you are considering, add this to your wedding budget.

7) Change charges  If you have trouble making up your mind and makes changes to contracts with vendors, they may charge you to do it.  Don't make deposits or sign contracts until you are ready to make commitments.
(Sometimes this may mean waiting to sign contracts with a vendor even if they are offering a great deal at a bridal show.)

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