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2011 - The Year of The Wedding...

OK, we all love a good celebrity wedding, let's be honest. We all want to know what the people with those limitless budgets spend them on... so as 2011 draws to an end, we're looking back on five of the best weddings of the year.

5...  A Royal Bride
No, not THAT one! This is the wedding of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, Royal bride and party loving rugby star. How on earth was their wedding going to live up to that of the real Royal Wedding, earlier in the year? Well it didn't, and that's part of why we like it so much. Zara and Mike seemed completely unfazed that they were in the limelight less - in all honesty, they probably appreciated it. 

So after having a very low key wedding ceremony in Edinburgh, with Zara in a beautiful Stewart Parvin dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, they partied away until the early hours with William, Catherine and Harry, and in fact it is alleged that they didn't return to their suite until the next afternoon! The one major break with tradition for Zara? She didn't take her husband's name, believed to be because of her equestrian career... a truly modern Royal bride, Zara, we salute you.

Image Courtesy of BBC News
4...  Once, twice, three times a bride!
No, we're not talking about a serial bride here - just Luisana Lopilato - or Mrs Michael Buble to the rest of us. If you think she looks familiar, that's because she starred in the video for 'Just Haven't Met You Yet' and ironically it was the first time they met. The first ceremony was in Buenos Aires with Luisana in a fashionable violet coloured, short mini-dress.

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Wedding two was a religious ceremony which took place 48 hours later, with 300 guests and the bride looking absolutely beautiful in a Sylvie Burstin gown....
And finally, wedding number three, in Vancouver, Canada, with 500 guests and a sublime gown by Argentinian designer Jorge Ibanez....

 We're quite impressed with Luisana - not only does she manage to marry one of the most eligible bachelors (breaking a million hearts in the process), but she does it three times.

3... So who could possibly take place number three? 
Well, this honour goes to our very own Kate Moss, with a fabulous vintage style country wedding, a three day festival reception and the coolest guest list ever. Enough said...

Image Courtesy of Mirror.Com
2...  Our Happy Ever After bride is Lily Allen
She's made no secret of the fact that she wanted to quit the showbiz lifestyle, move to the country and have a family, and she's finally shown us that dreams can come true. Her beautiful wedding dress was by French designer Delphine Manivet and this, along with a beaming smile from Lily, hid the secret that she and her new husband wanted to share at the reception - that they were expecting. Having already suffered two late miscarriages in recent years, this was the news everyone wanted to hear and we're delighted to confirm that although no official announcement has yet been made, Lily and Sam have allegedly given birth to a baby girl. What a fantastic year with a true fairytale ending....

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Image Courtesy of Hji
1...  Well who else could it be? 
2011 was the year of Catherine Middleton and her prince and WOW, what a wedding it was. An already beautiful girl became an even more beautiful bride as she shared her ceremony with millions around the world, with a calm and poise that was truly amazing. Almost upstaged by her gorgeous sister (with a silhouette that any woman would kill for!) and with every choice being analysed and discussed, the pressure was phenomenal. But despite this, there wasn't a dry eye in the house as she married the man she loves, and now, the entire nation loves her in return. Two dresses, one Prince and most definitely our most favourite wedding of 2011.....

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Image courtesy of Otoloso
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So, you may agree with us, you may not, but these are our top 5 weddings of 2011. We're looking forward to seeing what 2012 will bring.

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