Monday, December 19, 2011

Tips to Stay on your Budget

Catering your wedding can be one of your largest expenses. Depending on your catering budget your guest list may either grow or get trimmed down. How do you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to catering? We have a few ideas that may help.
1. Make time to meet with several caterers. Interview them and ask for a tasting. Ask for ideas about what they can offer you that fits in your budget. (ALWAYS know what your catering budget will be!)
2. Choose items that will be in season during your wedding. Different fruits and vegetables are more readily at certain times of year. Ask your cater to help pick something that will cost less because it is readily available.
3. Maybe your caterer is already doing a nice chicken dish for another wedding the day before or after yours perhaps is you choose the same dish, you may be able to cut your costs (assuming the cater can get a better deal buying more of the same items in bulk). I can imagine two weddings for the same day and if yours has several of the same dishes as the other wedding, then your cater is only preparing those items once. Ask what other events they have booked near your wedding and what the menu is for those events.
4. Please don’t get exotic! Going to an event that has a soup that looks like cold snot and has a name you can’t even pronounce. it’s very difficult to enjoy the wedding when the food is strange. We know that it¹s nice to have unique foods to open our experiences but your guests don’t need to be forced to try new things because there isn’t anything else available. Plus, sticking with something traditional will most likely cost less and everyone can enjoy it.
5. Some venues require inside catering. Meaning they provide the catering to you. This is nice as it will cut down on your interviews for a caterer. Still, ask for a tasting you want to know what the food will taste like before you commit to feeding all your guests. You can usually use the above ideas, and may even save some money because you are doing everything at the same place.
6. If you still need to try and cut costs then stick with the basics. Don’t add on a bunch of options or extras. Also, serving sizes can have a large impact on your costs if your guests get to serve themselves, they may take more than they can eat. Ask for servers to dish out an appropriate amount to each guest. You can even decide early on to have more salad and less of the main course served.
Plated dinners are nice as everyone gets what is on the plate. Remember though, the staff time required to bring and clear the plates. When counting the number of people to feed remember to include your other “day of” vendors; photographer, wedding planner, DJ, Photo Booths, etc. Each of these people are working hard to make your wedding run smoothly.
Remember, your guests are coming to celebrate you and your wedding! They really shouldn’t care what is being served they should just happy to be there with you. Depending if you choose a plated meal or buffet type dinner, everyone will have an enjoyable time. And hopefully you won’t break the bank feeding your guests.

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