Sunday, January 15, 2012

86 Marriage Anniversary of Indian couple in UK

The longest-married living couple in the world have celebrated their 86th wedding anniversary.

Karam Chand was born in a small rural village in the Punjab in northern India in 1905.  His family worked in farming and, in keeping with the custom of the time, he married at a young age. His bride Kartari was born in the same district in 1912.

Karam Chand, 106, and his wife Kartari, 99, of Bradford, tied the knot in a Sikh ceremony on January 6, 1925 in India, when the country was under British rule.
Their marriage is believed to have lasted four years longer than that of the current record holders, and their family are checking with Guinness World Records to confirm the achievement.

They have eight children, 27 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren and put their long marriage down to getting along with each other and enjoying life.
Mr Chand, a retired mill worker who moved to the UK in 1965 and enjoys a daily cigarette and a regular tot of whisky, said: ‘Eat and drink what you want, but in moderation. ’  Mrs Chand added: ‘Being married for 86 years is a blessing, but . . . we just get along with each other and are family focused – it’s simple.’

She added that she was  looking forward to getting her telegram from the Queen next year and is conscious of the need to stay fit and healthy.
 'We have always eaten good wholesome food, there's nothing artificial in our diet but things like ghee (clarified butter), milk and fresh yogurt are what we like.
'We know that being married for 86 years is a blessing, but equally we will be ready to go when it's time, it's all up to the will of God, but we really have lived a good life.

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