Monday, January 9, 2012

Western Wedding Cakes

Yee haw! If, in the words of Miley Cyrus, you are in the mood to “countrify” your wedding cake with cowboy hats and boots, then western wedding cakes are just the thing for your marriage ceremony.

Such a cake will feel right at home if you are going for an entire rustic country feel, right down to the barn and open farm like atmosphere to men wearing their best leather boots, brass buckled belts, jeans and plaid shirts and the ladies in their prettiest dresses; or in the same wear as men. Anyways, the point being, western wedding cakes may come in a range of options. Here are some wonderful western wedding cake tips which should bring about a laid back atmosphere to the festivities-

Haystack Wedding Cake

This may sound ridiculous but one of the best ideas for a western wedding cake would be making it resemble haystacks piled one on top of the other. It is one of the best ideas because it is relatively easy to prepare. Take a regular multi tiered cake and cover it with a coating of roasted coconut shreds. Do this until the entire cake is covered with the coconut shreds, giving the entire look that of haystacks piled one on top of the other, the biggest stack at the base and the smallest at the top.

Wildflower Adorned Wedding Cake

Cover the multi tiered cake with white fondant. Twirl fresh wildflowers and thistles and stick them to the fondant. You may attach the flowers to the fondant with superglue. The flowers and thistles can be ripped off while the cake is being consumed. A wedding cake decorated with wildflowers gives off a surrealistic look.

Horseshoe Adorned Wedding Cake

These are wedding cakes which sport fancy chocolate horseshoes, either placed on the surface of each tier, attached to the tier wall surface or as cake toppers (in which case, one horseshoe could be chocolate/ brown colored and the other vanilla/ white colored, to symbolize the contrast between the bride and groom).

Similarly, we could also have miniature edible cowboy hats sitting pretty atop the wedding cake.

Western Wedding Themed Cake Toppers

Horseshoe themed toppers are not the only western wedding themed cake toppers that you may find. You are also very likely to come across dapper couples (with the groom dressed with a black cowboy hat and boots with the bride in a pretty white dress). There are many variants of this “miniature country couple topper”.

However you decide to prepare and decorate your western wedding cake, make sure that it finds a place on the list of the most memorable and unique wedding cakes that you have ever laid your eyes upon.

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