Monday, August 1, 2011

Wedding Trend: Bridesmaid Clutches intead of Bouquets?!

I LOVE this idea!  Instead of having your girls carry flowers, and having to stuff their essentials in their bras (hey, it really happens!), consider a clutch with flowers pinned to it!

Choose a clutch that compliments your wedding colors, then choose flowers to pin onto each clutch.  Your girls will love that they can keep their essentials with them and still look fab! 

For the flowers, you decide what kind of flowers to use.  You can even choose real OR artificial flowers.  If you find artificial flowers you love, they will last all night...and beyond....without wilting.  PLUS...this can serve as your gift to your bridesmaids too!!!!

So come on, are  you loving this trend too now?!

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