Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some Quick Tips

Congratulations! You're getting married, your mind is racing and you're filled with emotions. It suddenly dawns on you – you have to actually plan a wedding! With such an overwhelming task, you often don't know where to begin. Well look no further, We are here to help you!

Your wedding is almost certainly the first large-scale formal or semi-formal event you've ever planned. A wedding involves a large sum of money, clothing, favors, catering, arranging spaces, hiring professionals, and many other things that seem very scary and far too complex to handle.

Are you nervous and unsure about how to put your perfect wedding together? Maybe you think you don't have the money to pull off that gorgeous wedding, or you're overwhelmed by the details.

If you need a guide to planning your dream wedding that gives you step-by-step instructions as well as moneysaving tips, then The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit is the ideal wedding planning solution for you.

Everyone plans to marry once and only once. The wedding ceremony has to be perfect. It must be a fairytale, but with some of the aspects of a glittery Hollywood celebration. Your perfect wedding needs to be open and welcoming to all the family, even the very young and very old, even the ones that have annoyed you forever. A wedding, in short, is a bundle of stress.

But The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit can ease your fears and stress. Its authoritative and comprehensive step-by-step approach helps you plan with hundreds of original ideas, special touches that make your wedding perfect, and practical advice for the big day. The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit has been updated for today's brides, with even more ways to add fun and entertainment so that your wedding day is truly memorable.

Here are five quick tips if you’re thinking about an outdoor ceremony that can save you money all around.

  • Choose an open public forum that doesn't generally have a great deal of people trying to access it, and remember to get the right permits beforehand. The less demand there is for a space, the cheaper it’s likely to be (and easier to obtain).

  • Opting for an ordained minister rather than a priest is often cheaper. Just be sure to check that whoever you choose can legally perform wedding ceremonies in your area.

  • You can forego the chairs and have the guests standing as long as you host a short ceremony. A nice white or themed linen on the ground for guests to stand on is an elegant touch.

  • When going with outdoor ceremony, people often opt for a portable arch because it is easy to transport and just as elegant as more permanent structures.

  • Outdoor ceremonies open the door to many themes that can greatly reduce the cost of your wedding and reception. For example, Hawaiian themes and beach themes can help you save money on formal wear and decorations because people having an outdoor wedding are often casually or “island dressed.” It makes the ceremony more comfortable for the guests as well, because they’re also able to dress casually.

  • And here’s another plus: outdoor ceremonies can immediately switch from ceremony to reception without changing venues, which saves some extra money on travel fees such as limos, and eliminates the need to rent two venues. For example, the Hawaiian theme mentioned above would be a great way to have a luau or pig-roast reception. You might also want to consider a theme that lets you have a picnic for your reception party, or a beach party or bonfire – all of which are acceptable alternatives for the couple on a budget.

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