Monday, May 5, 2008

Where Will I Hold the Reception?

Reserving a venue is, obviously, very important. Unfortunately, it might not be as easy as it sounds. The reception location often needs to be reserved a weeks, often months in advance, and it needs to be big enough to house all the guests. Things to consider when reserving a venue…
:: The size. Too small a venue could spell disaster. If a reception location is unable to house all guests, equipment, bands, and decorations, the day may be ruined. Parking space for guests must also be considered. No attendees want to walk 3 blocks in high heels.

:: Is it inside or outside? While you and your spouse may crave an outdoor reception, foul weather will easily ruin the party. Make sure the weather on your wedding day is going to be okay. If it isn’t, ensuring that the reception location has an alternate indoor option will save the day.
:: What services does the venue offer? Some venues merely allow you to use the space for the reception, while others will provide your every need. Catering, photographers, tables and chairs, and decorations may all be provided by the venue director. If not, these will be left up to you.

Popular choices for wedding venues include chapels, private gardens, historic buildings, and even up-scale hotels. Some may opt for a simple backyard reception inside a rented tent.

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