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Marrying abroad is becoming increasingly popular. It may offer an alternative romantic, in which the couple, by themselves or with a small number of close family or friends, traveling to exotic locations to marry and stay in relation to honey. Family and friends left at home may feel excluded by the choice of a foreign marriage and therefore this is a good idea to have some kind of ceremony the couple in return. Małżeństw in foreign countries are considered in the UK, if they are not inconsistent with law qualifications in the UK. If there are any doubts about the legal basis for marriage advice should be sought from the Home Office before any travel arrangements. It is advisable to consult a doctor at least three months before departure to find out which vaccinations and other medical resources, such as malaria tablets, are necessary.

Legal Requirements

It is important to know the legal requirements (for example, there is a minimum period of stay in the country) and which documents are required before making any journey. This can be done to the embassy or consulate, or the tour operator if a reservation with one of the specialized companies that organize weddings abroad.

Most countries require birth certificates and passports and evidence of a single character (for example, divorce papers or death certificate of former spouse for people entering second marriages). The majority of countries also have minimum requirements before allowing a couple to stay married. This is usually one to seven days. Some countries have special requirements. In some countries in America, for example, a blood test should be taken before the wedding can go ahead. In Bali couples must belong to one of the five religions recognized by the government.

Wedding Outfits

The selection of appropriate clothing for the wedding abroad is an important consideration. Factors to consider include the degree of formality, which wanted the couple want and the local climate.

For practical reasons for the dress must be easy to pack and resist creasing when crushed. Fabrics that contain Lycra maintain their shape and will require less and ironing when unpacked.

For the wedding in a hot climate, such as beach Wedding in Seychelles, natural materials such as cotton, linen and lace recommended. Silk fabrics are also acceptable, but pure silk is likely to be uncomfortably warm.

Short dresses are much more acceptable in hot, informal atmosphere of a wedding abroad. If you choose a long dress must be lightweight fabric. Closely fitted styles of veneers are best avoided because they cause overheating. The train can be cumbersome and especially inappropriate for the wedding on the beach. A removable train could be the answer if bulkata is the heart of it is on it. This can be removed when it is likely to get dirty or wet. Halter-necks, spaghetti straps and off at the shoulder styles are particularly suitable for hot climates.

In the groom should wear light or linen suit, for example, in one color, light. Although many marry for grooms morning in suits or tuxedos they can lead to overheating if worn out middle of the day or for a long time.

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