Friday, May 23, 2008

Beautiful Body

6-8 months left

Not many Brides hundred are satisfied with their body shape, so now it's time to throw you in doing something about it - with a goal as important as looking gorgeous in full gown, you are bound to be successful . Whether you want to lose a lot of weight, only a little tuna or simply should take a look at your diet. Weight loss is only permanent when his low, and losing weight slowly, you need to eat healthily. Crash diets simply do not work when most in need of energy. Exercise is key to both weight loss and firming up, so as to introduce a simple system that will enjoy, and to stick.

Into the habit of using good body or body brush scub Slough at least once a week to stay away from dead skin cells. Started on your feet and work the body in small circular motions, always to your heart. To ensure that you keep the skin smooth conduct additional, after a bath or shower, to smooth its a good body moisturiser.

1 month left

It's time to consider hair removal. If you want to stay smooth and hair-free through your honeymoon, waxing is your best option. However, the wax dry successfully must be a certain length and must be left to grow for at least a month. Epilating other methods, such as depilatory creams and shaving need not be considered closest until the day.
If you are very pale and I want a little color healthy as you walk through the alley, consider the possibility of self tan. It takes practice, that is why you can go now. In its best to implement immediately after the body lotion, so that its absorbed smoothly and fairly. Once you've mastered the technique, you can either retain its implementation until the big day (each application lasts about four days), or leave a few days before the marriage.
Have a professional manicure, especially if your nails need a lot of work. if not every week you give a mini-manicure (see below) from now until the big day.

Lat day

Are all those last minute things, such as removing unwanted hair, painting your nails and pedicure. If you have time, treat yourself to a relaxing massage from time to time soothe away any pre-wedding jitters. Most importantly, do not forget to enjoy yourself!

Same Day

Relax in a luxurious bath herbs. The only way to ensure that your perfume, your wedding lasts all day is to layer with the products of the same scent. Choose your (or your fiance) is the favorite scent and then to engage yourself. Start with a bath or shower, using scented soaps and gels, then apply your body lotion or moisturiser, talc or deoderant and ends with a quick spritz of eau de toilette (net perfume is very strong) for your pulse points. Do not spray perfume directly on your dress, as it will stain. Instead of spraying a cloud front of you and walk through it.

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