Wednesday, April 2, 2008

more on summer wedding

When I was thinking I got some more things which need to be considered while going for a summer wedding

Venue & its Decoration
Decorating your venue can be one of the biggest selection for your summer wedding. It could for the fresh crisp white look with pastel colours, cream colored daisies, lemons and limes colors and the old favorite, roses!

It is amazing how a selection of balloons, ribbons, garlands and bows can change the look of a room. These can be on the walls and tables, arches and windows.

Color or plain white light can be used if the city is to be held outdoors, the extra gloss to your evening reception. Trees can be decorated with hanging ribbons and garlands.

Table decorations can be anything that you want. Clear glass bowl filled with fresh lemons and limes, Victoria roses to daisies or pebbles in silver buckets.

Candles, which can be lit for evening reception with colourful balloons or roses scattered around the table.

Bouquets of marriage during the summer can be a little hard to choose because there is so much choice. Fuchsia, eyelets, peonies, orchids, Gardenia and Larkspur are just a handful of supply, with sunflowers, roses, dahlias and Hydrangea.

Outside places can be set in the garden of fragrant Jasmine, and Heather Hollyhocks.

White Lilly of the valley, roses, daisies "Orchids and can be used in a striking contrast with the bright colors like hot pink, turquoise, lemons and limes to keep things fresh and exciting.

Roses are the flowers of traditional marriage and they are always the most popular. With the wide selection of sizes and colours, they are used for bouquets, weaved through his hair, put on the table and place wreaths made decorations.

Imagine how can turn your photos with you sitting in a field of Bluebells, cornflowers and daisies or roses and bushes Hyacinths around you and your guests


Wedding Breakfast can be seen as something in watermelons, grapes and strawberries with freshly baked bread and creamy butter, cheese and honey glazed ham.

Afternoon or evening reception can be too hot for a hot meal, so you can opt for the summer buffet with hams, turkeys, salmon, crunchy salads and fresh fruit with jacket potatoes, or for outdoor receptions thing better than the summer barbecue!

Desserts that can compliment your marriage can be summered theme along the lines of ice cream sundaes, banana splits and meringues filled with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Have a slice of strawberry or fruit that compliments your colors on your toast glasses. Have fruit in bowls around your site so that customers can nibble away as it takes their fancy.

Release balloons with your name and an email address to see how far one travels. You could offer the lucky finder a slice of your wedding cake or one of his favors.

At end how to save of course money is always important

Weekends are always more expensive to get married. If you can work, that the people you really want in your wedding party can withdraw additional day a week, and try to move towards the middle of the week, on Friday or Sunday. This will allow you to save a significant amount of money on the spot, photographer, group / DJ, hotels and car rental.

If you are on tight budget to help reduce the cost of food bill down. Invite only those that you really want to spend your special day with you. Do not have children unless they are close relatives and choose your wording to propose to show that no "extra" guests can accompany them.

Rather than the additional cost for dessert, why not use your wedding cake for this! Most of the guests or forget to take it home, or it could get left on the table would be shoved into her handbag at the end of the night. Or, if you really want dessert, there is a light one such as ice cream with a choice of fresh fruit or meringue on top of strawberries and cream in summer.

If possible, try and marry at the end of the day. This can save one day and one evening reception, plus the cost of additional refreshment.

Take advantage of the warm summer evenings and illuminated cup light kick serve alcohol instead of expensive bottles of wine for his toast.

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