Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Summer wedding - how to select things

Are you thinking of having a theme for the wedding? Need some help or inspiration, in the selection of a theme for the wedding, or maybe you have chosen a theme, but you need some ideas to help you turn your wedding into a magical day.

I have Ideas for it If you like please tell me It helps me to think in right direction & write accordingly. So here are some for you.

Summer is here so lets first talk about summer wedding themes

Roses, butterflies and sunshine from June to September is sufficiently complete in the summer months, you certainly need help towards the wedding plans.

All of this is outside the marriage season, summer has been the most commonly known one of the best ways I can select from picking a place to eat outdoors.

The pink color is pink in the summer of cornflower blue, white turkey, corn, green grass yellow, pink and Rose, as well as the Reds. Many of the combinations are infinite choice.


Grooms as we all know tend to be a bit nervous while waiting for his bride to turn up. What better reason to use a light colored suit made of a breathable fabric of cream, pale gray or champagne.

If you are going to non-formal wedding, the groom can use only his shirt, cravat and a waistcoat. There are some stunning waistcoats which are, unfortunately, hidden under a fact. In keeping with the theme of the summer waistcoat pattern could be of flowers, butterflies and bees.


The bride as usual has a vast choice of straps and sleeveless dress at any time during the year, summer is the one time you can not have to worry about cold fur and use it to cover your arms wrap . Light silk, chiffon, georgette and organdie is wonderful, and the light breeze.

Elegant lace will not only complete the dress but race tied handbag compliment to the dress, you should not only maintain, and in the shade when used as a prop in a photo shoot.

If you are holding your wedding on the lawn outside, and you walk barefoot in the ankle and tie a ribbon around the toenail painted the same color as the bridesmaids dresses and bouquets.


Getting married in the summer months with fresh green grass, fully leafed trees and an abundance of brightly coloured flowers gave the background of your photos lovely scenery.

One hot summer day would make a lake or stream brighter color, and with luck, we could have some dramatic skies as the backdrop.

Plan how you like your album look. It could be along the lines of a history book with the comments that is a mixture of funny and wonderful moments tear jerking.

Wedding cakes today are truly works of art that seem sinful slice through them. Strawberries, roses and ribbons can make a white cake glazed look fresh and romantic, as well as cupcakes with butterflies, bees and the flowers were standing on tall pillars look fresh and inviting.

Chocolate cakes decorated with their mouths watering mini flakes and cherries or pieces of fresh fruit such as strawberries, or similar raspberries be dynamic and mouth watering.

Shells and coral could complement your wedding cake beach and add that touch of individuality, you can put tiny sugar or marzipan sandals and beach towel around the base.

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