Sunday, April 6, 2008

winter wedding

If you are planning a winter wedding, then why not consider a wedding theme of Christmas.

By choosing to have a wedding theme Christmas iI make the whole planning process much easier than you already have a color scheme seasonal work with him.

People typically associate red and green Christmas, but you do not need to limit your palette decorative for only these two colors, burgundy, silver, gold, maroon and light blue can work just as well to capture the essence of 'winter.

In each of the sections below gives you some good ideas on how to adapt your marriage to a wedding theme of Christmas.

Winter Groom

Wear a jacket festive, if you prefer something a little 'more subtle then wear a jacket of seasonal color.
Use mistletoe or holly berries with ivy for your flower
Wear a smoking or dinner suit with red or green jacket or cumberland

Winter Bride

Consider the use of a long white coat that could have imitations of fur around the edges.
Use a long cloak or coat in rich brocade or velvet colors of the season.
Wear gloves to be false skin off the cold.
If you are trying to create an ice queen look then consider using diamonds or pearls, if you want to create more heat then wear rubies emerald to complement the rest of her wedding dress.
Sparkly have a headband to capture the spirit of Christmas or have touched a simple fact ivy and holly berries.

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