Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Make your own wedding items!

Make your own wedding items can be enough to tip the balance from a sane well organised bride-to-be to one that is stressed to the max! The best way to avoid this is to be honest with yourself on what you are good at and what are your patience levels! Sticking 300 mini bows onto boxes can be very frustrating, if not just plain depressing. Where do you start? My way would be to ask all of your friends and relatives if they would mind helping with a few craft projects for your wedding. Invite them all round for snacks and drinks, the more the merrier! Get them involved in your ideas and they will get caught up in the wedding fever. What talents do they have? Ask away and you will be amazed at how many people want to help and be involved.

Invitations are a great place to start, you could set up a mini production line in your kitchen, one to stick the bows(don't give me that job!), one in charge of the printer, one to write all of the envelopes - choose the one with the best handwriting - you get the picture, the more helpers the quicker this will get done.

How to make wedding invitations

How to make cheap wedding invitations with some glue and your printer is a fairly easy way to save yourself some money in your wedding budget.
For the picture on the invitation you have lots to choose from.

You could have old photos of you both, either as children or when you first met, with the classic line "Guess who is getting married?" underneath.

A photograph or drawing of where you are getting married if it is a more formal wedding, a caricature of you both if you are having a fun relaxed wedding.

Or you could have photos of flowers, confetti, wedding rings, wedding cake, the list is endless.

Make sure you print the photograph using the right photographic paper for your printer, maximise the paper by fitting as many copies as you can on one sheet.

Use your printer to print out the wording for the front of the card and the insert, again maximise the paper!

When you have all your bits, you need to stick them onto your card, you can buy ready folded blank cards which are great, and normally come with all the envelopes. Definately shop around as you can pay more for the blanks if they are labelled with wedding rather than just a blank card - but there will be no difference.

To stick the photo and the words onto the card I would recommend using glue dots or foam craft pads if you want a 3d effect, this way you avoid messy glue spillages!

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