Monday, September 29, 2008

Changing Your Name After Marriage

Are you planning on changing your name once you finally tie the knot? If you decide to do so, there are so many options. Do you hyphenate, keep your maiden name as your middle name, combine both names, or be traditional? Well whichever option you choose, the name change process can seem overwhelming. There are numerous forms to gather from many government agencies. You'll need a social security form, US passport form, driver's license form, voter registration form, IRS forms, forms to send to your employer, insurance company, utilities companies, and all organizations of which you are a member. Many brides put off the process and wait for months or even years to change their name. The process is really not that horrible. Once you gather your forms & complete them, most can be sent in through the mail. The only office you'll need to visit in person is the motor vehicle department.

If you plan on traveling overseas on your honeymoon, the name on your airline ticket must match the name on your passport. Therefore, wait until you return to change your name and book your tickets in your maiden name.

The bride taking the groom's name is not the only way to go. A groom can also legally change his last name to the bride's. This is not as popular, but it does happen. A groom may have a long last name or a name he isn't fond of and decide he wants the bride's name.

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