Monday, May 10, 2010

Life is a Piece of Cake

The world is like cake. Cake is not real food. We all agree on cake being something to eat but yours is different from mine. Mine is carrot spice cake. Yours may be chocolate, double chocolate, vanilla, yellow, white, devil’s food, angel food, black forest, German chocolate, with or without nuts, raisins, chopped fruit or orange peel, one layer or 10, with or without frosting/filling/icing, etc. etc. etc.

The cake is made up of the ingredients that we choose to put in according to our taste and what we want it to look like. The world is made up of our thoughts that reflect our preferences and what we want it to look like.

Its how my family likes it. Its how my mother/father always made it.

Some days it’s nutty. Some days it’s dry, stale and crumbly or moist and fresh. Some days it’s covered in whipped cream. Some days the cream turns sour. Some days we grab for a big slice and get a handful of crumbs. Some days we simply don’t want dessert.

Some never taste the cake. Some devour so much they become obese and throw their weight around trying to bully others.

Cake is not real food no matter how sweet it taste or pretty and artistic it looks. We will survive quite nicely without it.

The point is none of this is real. Our essence is beyond cake.

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