Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Swoons from Nicky Chadwick Photography...

Oh my word! Not only are these fabulous pictures by Nicky Chadwick totally swoonsome, but they have been sat waiting to be blogged for far too long. Sorry Nicky! We've been a bit overwhelmed with all the amazing pictures that came out of this Jane Austen inspired shoot at Newby Hall and combine that with manic wedding season and squeezing in a much needed but unexpected break, the blogging has shamefully fallen by the wayside a little.

Being completely honest, waiting this long to blog them hasn't done them justice! They are truly gorgeous and deserve to be shared with our brides and fellow industry colleagues instead of being kept under wraps in our office!

I've said many times before that a picture speaks a thousand words and this is most definitely the case again. I hate to use words unnecessarily. Yes, it makes my job easier to not have to write much but it's not about that. It's about appreciating the fabulousness of this shoot and the talent of all those involved, but especially Nicky Chadwick. So please just enjoy these gorgeous pictures.....

The gorgeous dress and jewellery are from Plush www.plushweddingboutique.com, hair and make-up by Alison Clegg of Beauty Call www.beautycall.co.uk and the authentic uniform is from Dress Circle of York. Flowers are from the very talented Lucy of Lucy MacNicoll Flowers www.lucymacnicoll-flowers.com We'd like to thank our gorgeous models, Chris and Anastasia, and also Noel Wilson Racing Stables and Katy, for bringing along the true star of the show - Ben.

Last but not least, huge Wedding Affair thanks go to the Compton family of Newby Hall for allowing us to use their stunning venue (www.newbyhall.com) and also to Lucy Wright, their fabulous wedding co-ordinator.

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