Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sharing the love... Supplier Spotlight featuring Dotty Pink Designs....

So today's 'Sharing The Love' session is all about Dottypink Designs and I have just one word - gorgeous!

With a love of graphic design, colourful style and pretty typography, Amy Seager runs Dottypink Designs, which features bright and beautiful stationery for weddings and events.

Check out these beautiful designs along with a little insight into the person behind them!

So Amy, how did you end up in the wedding industry?

I have always loved graphic design, and so it made sense to go to university to study it, which is where I also met my hubby. When we began planning our wedding, we did a lot of making, including decorations, guest book table, kids fun packs and of course, all the stationery which was great fun and also really loved by all our guests. As a freelance designer, I then decided to create a range of stationery and friends and family began asking for invitation designs which made me realise that other people may love my stationery too, so here I am.  There is no better job than working with people to create and design something perfect for them.

Tell us something about you that most people wouldn’t know.

I cannot bake AT ALL. Something always goes wrong and it makes me so annoyed! I love eating cakes but I just can't make them. I tend to buy ready made cakes and ready made icing and just pretend if I have people to impress. The worst cake I made had icing twice as thick as the actual cake. I can do Eton Mess though, so that's my party piece now!

Who, or what, inspires you?

Other designers, artists and bloggers inspire me. I love browsing the internet looking through beautiful things people have created. There are some very clever and creative people out there. I love bright colours, and pretty typography. And I could spend hours on Pinterest if I had the time.

What is your greatest achievement?

When I was 19 my mum passed away, and I was at Art College at the time doing my final projects. I went back to college 2 weeks after she died and worked so hard that I got a distinction! That was the proudest moment for me. That and marrying my husband who is awesome!

Ideal 5 dinner guests, past or present?

Annie Lennox - singer
Ella Fitzgerald - singer
William Shakespeare - writer
Amy Atlas – event designer
Barbara Kruger – artist and designer
Great music, great conversation and a beautifully planned event!

What’s your favourite quote?

'Shine like Stars in the Universe' – it's actually from the Bible and I use part of it on some of my giftware. I love how beautiful it is, but also how it makes me strive to be a kind, caring and creative person, helping people and inspiring them.

What can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

I'll hopefully be working on more stationery designs, bringing out more ranges too, at some point. I'm also working on some new ideas for my giftware items, and am doing graphic design for some fantastic clients so keep an eye on my website and blog for new designs, ideas and other exciting things.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

A pen (and paper). Obviously my hubby, family and friends too, but the question says 'thing' so I'm going with that. I constantly doodle and draw, and all my initial ideas begin life on paper first. I always carry a notebook and pen around to jot ideas down, draw things or make lists, so without those I wouldn't know where to begin!

What’s your favourite film?

'Coming to America' is my absolute favourite film. It's about a Prince who goes to America to find a bride. It is hilarious and so random. I love the jokes in it, and Eddie Murphy is fantastic. I could watch it over and over and can probably recite most of the script which just shows how much I love it!

Wedding stationery is the first glimpse into every couples special day, so it is important to give the right impression, whilst also having fun with ideas and reflecting each couples personalities and themes!

Dottypink Designs stationery is all about creativity and quality, and also tries to be friendly to the environment by using eco paper stock where possible. 

Each range of Dottypink Designs stationery is fully customisable, and bespoke designs can also be created to match each couples wedding style. Invitations & RSVP cards are just part of the design services on offer, which can also include and are not limited to, seating plans, place cards, orders of service, table numbers, paper cake toppers, menus, paper confetti, paper cake toppers and signage. 

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