Sunday, June 8, 2008

Choosing your wedding colour scheme

You'll be spending the majority of your wedding day enjoying the reception - having a wonderful meal, listening to speeches, cutting the designer wedding cake and then probably dancing until dawn - so it's important to create an environment that you feel suits the tone of your day. Try to focus on a color scheme, whether it's just one color or a combination of two. Silver and gold generally combine well with most colors, or you might decide to go for a contemporary look such as chocolate brown and mint green.

If you've already chosen your colour, youĂ­re halfway there! If you haven't, take inspiration from your venue. Perhaps there is a colour that will work particularly well. If, for example, the venue has a red carpet, you might decide to work with that. Also consider the time of year and the time of day of your wedding. Rich, heavy colours tend to work well at a winter wedding, while summer weddings lend themselves to pastel hues and softer shades. And, finally, think about what you like. There's no point having pink if your fiance hates the colour!

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