Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding Rings

The WEDDING RING is universally accepted today the symbol of love in marriage in the West. You can buy a variety of rings of marriage, everything from the pledge and commitment through marriage and eternity! The original tradition was much simpler and dating thousands of years.


We'll probably never know when the wedding ring custom began, almost certainly predates written history. The circle has long been taken to represent eternity and, therefore, a symbol of eternal love - whether or not formalised in a system such as marriage. It is also likely that for me as soon as bands marriage symbolic associations with the sun and the moon, however, is that speculation on my part.

The ring was as simple and pragmatic. In the days that preceded the metalworking has been created, you can not just walk into a store and buy a gold ring! The group could be made instead of something as simple as twigs wrapped around the finger - or perhaps the wrist or ankle. It is clear that these natural chips should be replaced often an early form of renewal of vows.

The first written references to wedding rings date from ancient Egypt period around 5000 years. It is interesting to note that although these groups represented a commitment that the company, it does not necessarily mean monogamy.


Many of our modern customs is a symbolic baggage that makes us uncomfortable today and the wedding ring is no exception. In many societies and many times it was a symbol of ownership, usually the wife of the man. This was in effect a "branding" of women.

He said that the puzzle ring originated as an attempt to ensure the woman is faithful when the husband was away. If it is removed from her ring finger to pretend to be unique, it will fall Apart.

In England, there are stories that the illiterate young women in the Middle Ages was led to believe that any form of a ring represents the legal and / or religiousy binding marriage. A fraud Casanova time to slip a ring on the girl's finger to persuade her to spend the night with him - before he slipped away the next morning.


Today, wedding ring still symbolizes property after a fashion, but for most couples is much more enlightened form. Ownership is also involved in the interaction and mutual care and respect. This is the positive meaning of the circle, without beginning or end - two halves united as one.

How is everything in the modern world, is a huge selection of wedding ring styles are available for purchase. Some are set with diamonds, others are simple silver or gold belts. Kovů, such as white gold, platinum and titanium are also popular. For those with Celtic roots, or taste the Irish band Claddagh is a popular design choice. If you have a skill, there are still places that will allow you to propose your own rings.

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