Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Arriving in style.....

Everyone wants their wedding to be different and memorable and one way to do that is to arrive in style. There are so many options for your wedding transport and at The Wedding Affair at Newburgh Priory on Sunday, 27th March, we will be showcasing three of the best....

Firstly, for something a little more traditional - how about selecting from one of Yorkshire's finest post war classic car collections? The beautiful 1939 Rolls Royce Wraith pictured above is courtesy of Superior Motor Cars, located near Pocklington. They really do have amazing cars to choose from and we know that their service is second to none which is why we have recommended them time and time again. Check out the full collection at

How about arriving in a beautiful carriage pulled by two stunning white shire horses? If you like this idea then check out Ebor Carriages, based just outside York. Brigadier and Boson are father and son horses who originally worked at the Sam Smith's Tadcaster Brewery and so have been a commercial pair for quite some time. The boys both have a fantastic temperament and personality and are extremely well behaved when it comes to the noisy, busy roads they need to travel on. (They will also love you even more if you bring them rosy apple sweets - they seem to be a favourite!) Contact Annabelle or Cara via to check dates or make an appointment.

Last but most definitely not least, we have Helijet Aviation ( who will be bringing two helicopters to The Wedding Affair at Newburgh Priory - if you really are wanting something to wow your guests and which is a little bit different, then think of arriving in a helicopter - very James Bond and we can guarantee your groom (and all the guests) will be suitably impressed! We'll have some fantastic photographs taken on Sunday so they will follow next week but why not come and see the real thing? You won't be disappointed.

Join us at The Wedding Affair at Newburgh Priory on Sunday, 27th March between 12.00pm and 4.00pm - to pre-register your entry into five competitions go to Competitions - pre-registration and attendance on the day is necessary. Terms and conditions apply.

Above photographs courtesy of Jim Poyner Photography (Superior Motor Cars), Ebor Carriages and Helijet Aviation.

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