Monday, March 21, 2011

Spreading the word.....

We've got a wedding fair at the fabulous Newburgh Priory this Sunday - as you probably already know! And if you do know then it is going to be due to the extensive marketing and advertising campaign that we carry out before each event. We spend a significant amount of time and money ensuring that all those lovely brides and grooms know what is happening in The Wedding Affair world - double and single page spreads in glossy magazines, beautiful colour invitations sent by post to 1000 brides before each fair, banners, website listings and numerous social media updates. And this list is most definitely not exhaustive as every possible and practicable avenue is explored!

As Lisa was doing another facebook update today, she made a very interesting comment - 'If each of the suppliers at this fair had three of their brides visit the event, then that would be 120 brides.' Seems simple enough doesn't it? Don't get me wrong - it is our responsibility to do all we can to make the event a successful one - after all - that is what you are paying us for. And we do know that the suppliers we work with are very proactive and forward thinking, but how many actually send the invitation to all their brides and grooms? Even if you have already had a booking everyone will benefit from increased exposure and your bride will also think you are marvellous for introducing her to so many other fantastic, high quality suppliers - all in one place!

So when you book into a Wedding Affair event, please just take the time to send the invitation to all your brides, prospective or booked, if you are not already doing so. And if you are - then thank you. Not only does it help to make our events more successful, but it also helps to make happy brides!

Finally - if you are one of our suppliers and you have some news, please do keep us informed of what's happening in your world as we love to share it with the brides and grooms!

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