Friday, March 11, 2011

Rule Britannia Part 2 - Shoot the shoot!

Whenever we talk to people about what we do, there's always an automatic response of 'Ooh you must love your job - it must be so much fun!' Well here's time for the truth... it really is! We are incredibly lucky to do something that we love day after day as no two days are ever the same, and whilst we admit that we have the odd day of grumbles and moans, it's usually because there isn't enough chocolate in the office or nobody is owning up to stealing the last ginger nut!

If you have seen our previous Rule Britannia blog post you will know all about our day on location at Newburgh Priory, one of the fabulous venues we work with. With the Royal Wedding firmly at the forefront of our thoughts we arranged for some of our favourite suppliers to get together and bring our ideas to life - but we decided to do things a little differently this time. Whilst the fabulous Jim Poyner worked his magic ( the equally fantastic Joe Dodsworth ran a 'shoot the shoot'. We thought it would be great for you to see what happens on the other side of the lens for a change!

As a result, we now have some amazing photographs which ultimately show what a great time we all had on the day and we thought you might like to see some so that you can share the experience. It also gives us an opportunity to shout out some Wedding Affair love to those people involved, so here goes!

Wedding Affair hugs to Mandy from Plush Bridal Boutique for bringing gorgeous gorgeous dresses and sharp suits for the men. Also to Alison from Beauty Call - stunning hair and make-up for our lovely models (yes - including the men!). Love to the fabulous Jane from HF Couture - divine sparkly jewellery that we all wanted to wear and were a little bit jealous that we didn't get to do more than try on! Thanks to Chris and Nicki from Superior Motor Cars for not only bringing us fantastic cars, but for keeping us entertained throughout. Wedding Affair waves also go out to our models who not only looked amazing, but kept smiling throughout! Helen Jackson (Miss York 2008), Henry Richardson, and Sean and Kim from The Model Experience We couldn't have done it without you guys!

Thanks to Newburgh Priory, of course... your hospitality is greatly appreciated. We thought we heard the words 'Don't come back here again!' as the gates slammed shut behind us, but we must have imagined it! Surely...?

Final Wedding Affair love goes to Jim Poyner and Joe Dodsworth for being photographers extraordinaire! Not only did you guys give us some amazing photographs, you gave us so many laughs throughout the day. Thank you.

All photographs used in this blog are courtesy of Joe Dodsworth, with the exception of the picture of Joe - which funnily enough was courtesy of Jim Poyner! If you would like to see the rest of Joe's shots, follow this link:

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