Wednesday, May 2, 2012

EXCLUSIVE.... 'I Want To Kiss The Bride' with No 9 Bridal Couture

Every now and then you get a call or a message that seems so innocuous at the time but actually turns out to be something so utterly fabulous. This was the case when the gorgeous Linda Leigh Davey (of No 9 Bridal Couture) and I were chatting on facebook (god bless social networking sites!). Linda was simply querying whether she would be able to do a photo shoot at a venue we worked with.

Knowing just how important this shoot was to her, I sent her the link for Sutton Park Stately Home on the outskirts of York. Lisa and I have the pleasure of being the freelance event managers for this stunning home - it's such a hidden gem and would give Linda, Chris Hanley and the rest of the talented team involved, a setting which hadn't been seen so often.

I'm so pleased, and certainly not surprised, to say that Linda loved it. So the wheels were set in motion for a shoot that combined some of the most beautiful prom, special occasion and bridal gowns, a hugely talented team and a gorgeous stately home... oh, and some rather fabulous diamonds (more about those later!).

OK - I know you just want to see the images now! So here goes.... I Want To Kiss The Bride by No 9 Bridal Couture where the lucky Sam had a pick of four brides!

Firstly though, let's start with the beautiful Ellie modelling prom gowns.... and some serious bling!

Beautiful jewellery for a beautiful girl.....


 Now are you ready for this? Gorgeous images from Chris Hanley... I love them!


One of my favourites from the shoot....

Sam gets his girl!

So who were the fabulous team that brought this together? Here's for a high profile roll call!

Couture Gowns -

Photographer -

Accessories -

Make-Up -

Hair Artistry -


Macaroons supplied by

Jewellery provided by Midas Diamonds

Venue Liaison -

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the results of this shoot as much as I have.... if you like it, then please share it. These images are made to be loved!

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