Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Choose your Wedding Venue

After making the decision to tie the knot, the next big question is where to hold the perfect marriage ceremony? Choosing for the best venue where to exchange vows is not easy. Luckily, there are many venues you can pick from to make your big day more special.
Here are the list of wedding venues that you can choose from.


church weddingFor Catholics, church is the most important venue for weddings. But, on the one hand, traditional rules set by the church prior to the marriage ceremony can be very tedious and sometimes costly. Also, Catholic churches require a couple who wants to get married to go through premarital counselling with a priest. On the other hand, church wedding serves a lot of benefits religious blessing from a priest, a bigger venue, conducive place for a solemn ritual for marriage, free parking space for visitors, etcetera. Most importantly, church is the most sacred place if not the best to start a new married life.
1. Marriage license
This is a certification from your local civil registrar office giving you permission to get married.
2. Baptismal and confirmation certificates
The two certificates must be secured from the parish where you were baptised and confirmed with special annotation “FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES ONLY”. These certificates must be secured three months before the wedding.
3. Canonical interview
The interview will be done by a priest for the bride and the groom one month before the wedding. Usually, after signing the application form at the parish, the interview schedule will be given.
4. Pre-wedding seminar
The seminar will be given simultaneously on the day of the Canonical interview or as scheduled by the parish secretary.
5. Permission from bride’s parish
The permit must be secured from the bride’s parish and must be presented to the parish office where you opt to held the marriage.
6. Marriage banns
The wedding banns is a formal parish announcements in the church where you are getting married. The proclamation of your upcoming marriage will be done every Sunday Masses for three consecutive weeks prior to your wedding day.
7. List of names and addresses of principal sponsors
The list should be submitted a week before the wedding. The church requires at least two pairs of  sponsors to serve as witnesses on the ceremony and marriage contract signing.


Civil WeddingCivil wedding is ideal for a couple who are not in the same religion. In addition, civil marriage is affordable, simple and requires less formality. The couple can choose the location of the wedding – be it in the garden, in a restaurant, hotel ballroom, in a government office, or wherever place as long as the law permits it.  Though civil wedding is quick and easy, sometimes it can be faked.
Again, the budget for civil wedding depends on your choice of venue and the number of guests you like to invite.
Requirements for Philippine civil marriage:
1.    Marriage license
2.    Parents’ consent (for 18-21 years old) or parental advice (for 21-25 years old).
For foreigners, they are required to obtain Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage issued from the consular office of his or her country. This serves as a proof that he or she is eligible for marriage. All the requirements and step-by-step process are provided by the Local Civil Registrars office or City hall in your respective cities and provinces.

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